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'Quality is the Key to Success at HubPages' - My First Lesson on Manufacturing Hubs at HubPages

Updated on July 13, 2019

Do you think that HubPages Earnings are directly proportions to number of Hubs or Featured Hubs

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Do not worry about Rejections - to get Quality Articles

Just a minute ago I was answering a question:

"How often do you think one should publish a Hub (Ideally)?

My answer was:

"No, I do not think that you can do justice with the quality of Hub to be thrown open to the world. Though I am new to HubPages yet I feel one must not compromise with quality. Before coming to HubPages I had been writing on my personal blogs. Here at HubPages, I can see experienced Hubbers maintaining excellent quality in composing articles to be published. Ideally, it must not be more than two hubs per week."

I answered the question to my best capability and found that the question was thought-provoking. Why such a question? In this commercial world to make a quick buck everybody is in a hurry. When any individual or any small business or commercial organization, irrespective of its size and reputation, start thinking in terms of profit and profit alone, they are somewhat likely to ignore the Quality of the end product -it may be a Hub at HubPages, manufacturing of a Product or providing Services. Quality, not a matter of chance, can never be achieved by itself. Quality is attained through research and development, feedback of the end users, customers, the audience in case of Hubs, open competition and above all self-satisfaction of the individual or an organization to feel proud of their creation. Have you ever seen the joy on the face of an artisan when he/she creates an article made of clay, wood, iron, brass, gold or diamond embedded piece of jewelry? No doubt in today's modern computerized world we can make designs and products as per our own imagination within our targeted costs. Similarly, a Hub on HubPages may be a small Hub within the resources available with the author but if it can yield results matching with the Title Category/Subcategory and at the same time it can convey the hidden message to the readers or Hubbers then the very purpose of the Hub is achieved. Quantity, not Quality is the essence at HubPages. It is better to hold the hub for a few days if your heart does not accept that the hub shall be welcome by the audiences. Once got rejected, it becomes very difficult to establish yourself as Google Verified Author. I am writing this experience of mine that the mistakes done by established authors are not repeated by fresh bloggers and newbies struggling to make a quick buck through blogging and Adsense or other advertising affiliations available to bloggers who switch over to publishers without waiting for some time to get recognition as real authors.

Afterthought by the Author:

Why at HubPages alone? Quantity and Quality should be the motto of every manufacturer, trader, service provider all over the world. Due to the wide gap in demand and supply the Quantity takes over Quality and if supply is more than demand then only Quality will get recognition everywhere. The quality hubs or quality contents gets applauded by the audiences. Now take the case of my most applauded hub with the title How Secured are Bank Lockers which has been read by more than 50000 visitors and I feel very happy when a visitor, not even known to me, leaves an appreciation or comment on this widely applauded hub.

© 2013 Ashok Goyal


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