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How to Write for HubPages as a Hobby

Updated on January 6, 2013
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I am a K–12 art teacher at a small school district, and I love to cook. Most of my articles are art projects for kids or recipes. Enjoy!

buffalo cauliflower bites, must make for next football game
buffalo cauliflower bites, must make for next football game | Source
Louise's slap you mama it's so good cornbread
Louise's slap you mama it's so good cornbread | Source

2012 - A Year for A New Hobby, Writing for HubPages

There are many benefits to writing for HubPages as a hobby and possible future income for the prospective writer. I have learned quite a bit about writing successfully, sort of, online in this last year. I would like to try and give you a few pointers and share some of what I've learned writing online.

First of all, you can think of writing for HubPages as keeping a journal of your life. You do need to make sure the things that you journal about on HubPages will interest other people online. You want to make sure you are writing about topics that people are actually looking for. One way I have learned to decide my topics is to think of other stay-at-home mom's or teachers (I am both) and what kind of articles they might read in magazines. If you become an apprentice, your Hubs will need to be at least 500 words long to count as an apprentice Hub. I personally think this is a great length. To me, cooking is my favorite topic to write about. Everyone needs to eat (so it might appeal to a greater number of people) and if I have figured out a good recipe or tried a great one out, I really want to share it with other people. I would say cooking has become my niche. You need to find a niche you are comfortable with and enjoy writing about.

I also write about children's art projects as I am an elementary art teacher and have babysat toddlers at home the past few years. I am trying to widen the types of articles I write about. Most moms love doing art projects with their kids and I hope my Hubs can give lots of great ideas of things to do with children. If the writer can have a couple of types of articles they can write about, there will be more readers of their articles. I would say not to spread yourself too thin though, or that can show in your writing. Usually if you are hurried or writing too many articles, they may be sub-par. So best to find a niche or two that you are really good at and start with those.

2012 is almost over and I have hit a few big milestones on HubPages this past December. For these reasons, I consider myself a moderate success as an online writer. I had my one year anniversary writing for HubPages and I exceeded 10,000 views on my 70+ Hubs. I have just finished up the apprenticeship program and am very proud of that. I was also lucky enough to have one of my Hubs chosen as Hub of the Day in December. I have become a much better cook and am much more adventurous in the kitchen with my recipes. I have managed to get some awesome small appliances and pans to help with my HubPages writing. Tools that are necessary in a cooking kitchen. HubPages also offers many great tips on writing better hubs in their learning forums, I would highly recommend using that information when starting out.

I like the fact that all the recipes I have tried are now on record on the internet. I will never lose these recipes, like I tend to do with recipes that are given to me. I cannot tell you how many recipe cards I have lost throughout my moves over the years. I can look these recipes up anytime I want to, and for that, I am extremely grateful. It also makes it easier for me to tweak and change recipes slightly to come up with the best recipe possible.

I also love how Hubpages allows me to keep track of my students art projects and craft projects that I do with my own children. My kids are now always asking if I am writing a Hub of this art project or that art project. They are very proud to see their work on the internet! These project are now recorded for the future and I can always look back from year to year of teaching to get ideas for projects. It makes it easy to revamp the projects and make them better for the future. I love being able to share my art projects with other people and teachers, who in turn can use my ideas to spark some of their own ideas.

HubPages has been an incredible journey. I have learned about search engines, linking, optimal title writing and rss feeds. I have learned the importance of networking and I love following people from around the world. It is wonderful to see a worldwide perspective on issues and to connect with others around the world. In the future, I hope to have more financial success with my online writing, but I know that will be slow in coming. For these many benefits, I find writing for HubPages a great new hobby with a little income on the side.

You too can find success writing for HubPages. Writing in the apprenticeship program was a great experience. If you have the time to commit to writing 8 Hubs a month, it is worth applying for. It has been a great experience for me and I hope to continue writing for the community for a long while. I have enjoyed being a writer and a cook with the HubPages community and count myself lucky for being a part of it. Here's to a wonderful year ahead and I hope you also find the success you desire writing online, good luck to you!


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