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Revamping your HubPages Account- Do you Delete or Work on your Hubs?

Updated on January 21, 2014

Before I get into how I am personally fixing my Hubpages account, I would like to say that I have been working on my new blog, and many of the things that I am doing here, I also did to my blog.

If you would like to check out my new blog, you can do here-The beyond words blog.

How do you revamp your Hubpages account?

The first thing that I noticed when I came back to HP was the difference in the website and how much Hubs have changed.

A lot of my own hubs have been doing quite great, while others have been left behind to catch dust.

The second thing I noticed were my earnings. I am not talking about my adsense earnings, but my Amazon affiliate earnings. My earnings are still going strong, mainly because the hubs that I used the amazon capsule for, even though they do not get as much traffic as I would like them to, people find the products interesting, and useful.

(stay tuned for a more detailed Hub about this)

As I was looking at my Hubs, from the very latest (over a year ago), to the oldest (when I started writing for the first time), I couldn't help but notice how much my writing has changed, and how much information I can give now, that I have a little bit more experience writing.

I am by NO means an expert writer, but I am getting better at it!

Do I delete Older Hubs or Keep them?

Ok, in order to answer this question, for my account, I had to take a really good look at three major factors that influenced my decision.

  1. My stats- Are my older Hubs getting any traffic AT ALL?
  2. How many comments do I have on each Hub?
  3. Is it better for me to Add information to them, or is it easier to delete the Hub itself and write a new, more improved Hub?

Taking a look at these three factors, I started to write down on paper, all of the hubs that I had, how I could re-write them, or add more information to them, and how I can bring them up to be Number 1 again, or close to it.

In reality, I could re-write them all, however, HP doesn't let me re-write the title, and erase the old one, it basically just lets me change the title, NOT the URL, so even If I were re-write the Hub with fresh new information, it would not give me the attention that I want for the Hub.

So, what do I do?

Unfortunately, I did have to erase several new Hubs, later to be substituted for brand new Hubs with Brand new, BETTER information.

One of the other reasons why I opted for writing New Hubs instead of re-writing the older Hubs is seeing how the HP community would react to my new work.

I could link all of my hubs together, and pretend its the best information for my readers, but I wanted to give quality hubs to read.

So, out with the old, in with the new!

My Amazon Earnings and Traffic to My New Current Blog

One other factor that I did not list above, is my Amazon earnings on HP.

I use Amazon Affiliates as my primary source of income on HP and my personal blog. So, in order for me to keep my earnings up, I have to give quality content with relevant content to the products I recommend.

Does it work?

Yes, but it takes time.

When I started writing for HP, it took me a while to make my first Dollar. Not even .50 cents. My first $1. I was using the HP earning program through Adsense, and it worked well for me, until it didn't.

On my blog, I am very detailed about how I make money, and why I do not use Adsense anymore. If you want to know more about it, please check out my work here.

HP is a great website for several reasons:

  1. It gives writers the opportunity to start writing for profit, from several different sources of income. Amazon Affiliates, Adsense, Ebay, etc.
  2. It gives writers the opportunity to grow their online portfolio, if they are choosing to create a career in the freelance business.
  3. As I mentioned, HP is a great way to earn money several different ways: my personal favorite is Amazon Affiliates because I use here and on my blog. It gives me the opportunity to recommend specific products to people, based on the topics I write about.
  4. The more traffic my Hubs receive, the more money I make. (I will talk more about this, and how to make more money on Amazon on future Hubs. If you want to create a profitable blog with this source, check out my Blog here!)
  5. Finally, I have the freedom to write about any topic, and connect to more readers. Its self-explanatory, but I basically love to write about multiple topics.

How is The New Work, Working?

So far, not only is there more traffic to my personal blog, my work blog and my Hubs, but my earnings are seeing a spike.

Revamping my Hubs has had a positive effect, however, it might take a while to see the effects on all of my Hubs, especially the older Hubs.

I will keep you guys informed of the new changes, how I changed my Hubs, and what is working for me, and what is not.

For now, i'm quite happy with my results, and I hope you guys enjoy the new reading material!


How do you like my new work?

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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Good for you. I like how you analyze and find new approaches, and I'm glad it is working for you. I revamped hubs about four months ago and immediately saw a 30% increase in traffic; since then, my earnings have increased 400%. I know of no other factors that could have affected it that good luck to you and I hope the increase continues for you.