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Say What Now!

Updated on May 27, 2014

Well lookie here

I always believed in hubpages, and earning some extra money. I have heard story after story about other hubbers experiences and earning "XX" amount of money on hubpages. I was really convinced when I received my first cash out from google a few months back.  Participating in the 30 day challegne was a wonderful experience which I learned so much from.  I think I have some ADD going on, my attention span was giving out by the end of the 14th day.  Can't say I will do it again, but wow I came across some keywords, and subjects they are great earning potentials to write on.  Insurance topics are high paying keywords, which is a subject I would have never thought to write on if it had not been for the 30 day challegne.

Earning With Amazon

  • I just happen to be clicking around on the amazon affiliate website, for some reason I never clicked on the earnings report until today. I said "Say What Now" I had been earning money, and did not realize it, I know, I know how can you earn, and not know it. I started checking earning for the 1st quarter of 2009 sure enough I had been earning. Granted it is only 50cents here and 79cents there, but I am only a few dollars away from the pay out. I heard the stories of hubbers earning more from their amazon and ebay sales than from their google adsense. I so totally get it!!


As for eBay I had to update this section of my hub. In the beginning I could not figure out how to earn money from ebay through hubpages. I wrote about a variety of subjects, and nothing happened. I read about some of the more experienced hubbers were earning more from ebay than their hubs. I kept reading information from different hubbers, and I never gave up on earning through ebay. I also read how some hubbers have multiple accounts, one for earning through ebay and amazon, and a separate one for writing. It has never been my desire to have two different hubpages account, for me it is hard enough to maintain one.

One day I had the notion to write about a product I truely fell in love with, and it is the hamilton beach ice shaver. OMG a door opened up, and a financial opportunity poured in at the time I just wanted everyone to know about this cool little ice machine that can make drinks, and your own custom iced coffee.

It is an awesome opportunity to have an online place such as hub pages to be able to earn extra money online. If I can earn something online anyone can do it. You want to know why I say if I can do it, anyone can? First I a few disabilities, and challenges, but I keep right on trying. I will share this I suffer from Dystonia which is a shaking and jerking uncontrollable, it gets on my nerves, but I keep trying to type. I type a little, rest, and then type some more.

Why You Should Become a Hubber Too

You can totally write what you are passionate about, and earn money doing so. Hubpages in my opinion is one of the best places online to actually write and earn. Writing is what I do enjoy doing, although it takes a little while for me to complete a hub it does not stop me. If you can write a sentence you can totally write an article here on hubpages. The great thing about hubpages you can write about whatever you chose to write about. There are some awesome writters here who will help you. If you have questions simply post them in the forum the people are friendly. Hubpages is a great community of people, and we would love to read what you have to say.

If you try it, I promise you will like, and you probably will stick around. Join us!

Writing Online Tutorial


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  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 

    8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    I have made a few dollars in Adsense, but yet in Amazon from here. Nice information.

  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 

    8 years ago from Ireland

    Very interesting and educational hub. Thank you fro sharing it. Yes I agree with you about the writers here, everyone is very helpful


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