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Different ways to advertise online

Updated on June 28, 2016
dragonangel16137 profile image

I am a single mother looking to making a living online. I enjoy the internet and love being online.

There is help out there!

I found opt-in lists are the best way out there to advertise with that you will get results.

I have often wondered how to market my business ventures online. I have searched the web over and learned that opt-in lists are a great way to get leads for your business ventures. I would definitely say if you want to try this way to market yourself it is certainly the way to go.

Here are a couple sites you can go to see what you can do for your own venture that you are into. All you have to do is set up your accounts and you will be good to go.

List Joe

Million leads for free

Here is an online service you can use for posting free classified ads. This site will help you by letting you list three to four ads a day to different categories on their site. I have used this site a lot and have gotten many clicks on the ads that I have posted. That link is the following:

Classifieds ad board

Meet new people to help you along with your venture.

Networking yes or no?

Does networking really work? Yes or no?

I feel that networking can certainly work, but you need the right kind of people to believe in you and your product that you are trying to gain new prospects for.

The best way to market in the advertising world, is to also make sure to align yourself with like-minded people that have the same interests as you. You want like-minded people so they will help you along with this process. If you align yourself with people that don't believe in what you are selling or networking for, then you are fighting a losing battle.

Friends and family are great to go to for networking but sometimes they listen just to pacify you and aren't really interested in what you are promoting. This is why I stress to look to other sources that are going to listen to what you are seeking as they will be more willing to help you grow your business or sell your products.

Show me the money

A book about making money with mostly free programs

I have actually made a book about how to make money online by creating it on a self publishing site called Lulu and it is about making it all with mostly FREE accounts. Yes there are some you can upgrade too, but if you like doing the free things to get the advertising, then why upgrade! :)

If you want to take a look at my book it is called "One Click of the Mouse" at the Lulu publication site. I have lot to offer to people that are trying to market online especially for way little cost. I am posting these not to get referrals, but because I feel I can actually help people with what I have to offer from what I have been researching.

I Taught Myself

I just enjoy surfing the web so much that I have taught myself quite a bit about marketing online. I use online opt-in lists, classified ads, free ads, craigslist, sometimes Ebay. Affiliates sales are another thing all together! I have Amazon, Ebay, Payloadz,Clickbank and I am sure if I think about it I would have a lot more as well!

There really is a wealth of information out there, on so much more of where you can advertise, that I only gave you a taste of it. There is SEO tactics, search engine ranking, bold and highlight keywords to get ranked higher in the search engines. So, I hope your really do take what I wrote here to heart, and check some of these sites out to advertise with.

Well I just wanted to share a little of what I do for marketing online and hopefully someone hasn't heard of these and uses all the ways I have mentioned! I really do hope that you got a wealth of information out of what you read in my hub. I feel there really is stuff that you can read in here that can be very beneficial to you. I hope that you pass the information along as well if you found it worth while!

Where do you usually advertise online?

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Shopping Online

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If you shop online, would you like to be shown how to get cashback from that?

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Online Advertising

© 2015 Shawna


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  • nnms profile image

    Seiboi Misao 22 months ago from India

    I do agree that opt-in lists is an ethical and great way for online dissemination / ads one's writing online.