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The Benefits Of Making Money With Hubpages

Updated on March 10, 2014

Making money on HubPages is amazing experience. It is one of No Maintenance Make Money Online Modules. What you need is just publishing and backlinking your hubs and then waiting your checks at the end of each month. That’s it.

Last month, I went to one of WU offices to receive my first amount of money from Google and was very happy. I’m going to repeat this situation and this feeling by optimizing my hubs to earn more and more.

This hub is an answer of a friend’s question: Why Should I Use HubPages model to make money online?

The question was nice and I wasn’t confused about the answer of this question. In fact I was on Facebook and I found answer automatically comes itself.

The nice thing is after giving my friend this answer, I really wondered about the many features and benefits of making money on HubPages and why people ignored it.

I decided to write this hub and share these logical and effective benefits of making money with HubPages.

Let’s start…….

1. The Daily Indexing of Google and Other Search Engines

The Page Rank of HubPages is 6. Google visit HubPages in daily basis and its spiders crawl through the whole site. It is not Google only but also Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Why Do You Like HubPages?

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What does that mean for you?

This means that your article is more exposure for search engines after publishing directly or at least within 24 hours. This means that Google does see you from the day number one of your featured hub.

Plus, HubPages SEO experts are aware of Google Updates and modify the page design to match these updates.

For example: When Google announced the update of (Above the Fold) prevents the excess of ads above the fold of page content, HubPages modified the layout of the page to be approved (not penalized in search results) by Google.

This just one example for HubPages care and efforts of being ranked well in Google results and this of course will benefit your hubs.


2. HubPages Has Its Own Search Engine

Green Smoothie Recipes” is one of my best hubs in both content and search results. When I checked its traffic resources I was thinking that all traffic comes only from Search Engines like Google and Bing. But the surprise was when I discovered that over than 10% of my traffic comes from HubPages itself.

HubPages is a big site and has his own audiences that visit the site in daily basis and use its search engine to find answers. This community gives you the momentum you need.

According to my own experience, this search process gives you 10% of your potential traffic. Try it.

3. Profit Sharing in Many Programs

It is the main reason of writing this hub: Profit.

HubPages share the profit with you in many programs like Adsense, Amazon and eBay. It gives you simple steps to apply your existent Adsense / Amazon / eBay account or help you to create a new one.

Configuring Adsense account – for example – takes less than 10 minutes for non-technical person.

Also, you can configure you Google Analytics Account with HubPages and then you can watch your full traffic report.

4. There Are No Regular Expenses With HubPages

If you make it yourself, you will need to make the following:

  1. Buy a Domain Name (costs $13/year)
  2. Reserve a Hosting Space (costs $85/year)
  3. Design your blog (around $300 one-time payment)

All above costs and requirements are not required with HubPages. The only required task is writing and publishing your content.


5. There Is No Maintenance Expenses With HubPages

What about if your own site has come down? Has been hacked? Has become over loaded of disk space or bandwidth capacity? Has been damaged? Or any other expected or unexpected problem? What are you going to do in a case like this?

With HubPages you needn’t to worry about all previous issues. It is a big organization that works to be safe from hazards. So, you really needn’t to worry about these issues.

6. There Is No Niche Limits

All professional gurus of this industry exclaim it every day: You Must Have A Niche.

Sometimes we need to have a micro-niche to work in.

But, what about me? I’m a professional blogger that receive many content ideas every day and like to write about. If I only commit with my niche completely I may not be able to cover these topics with my rich content.

In fact, it is a big trouble but with a website like HubPages which doesn’t force you with a particular niche, you can simply share your thoughts and ideas.

Actually, I have my own niche sites and write for it. But, once I get a new idea I go ahead to HubPages and publish it.

Although, HubPages recommendations advise to commit with a particular niche, I feel free to make my own mix of content.

7. It Is A Respectable Reference For Me As A Professional Blogger

As I mentioned above, I’m a professional blogger and working as a freelancer for many companies and customers. Some customers emphasized to not announce the deals I did with them. They want to publish the content I write for them without referencing to my name.

It is their right and it is the deal.

So, sometimes I need work references to prove my qualifications. HubPages did this role to the fullest. What I did now is just putting my HubPages profile link in my signature.

These were 7 benefits of making money with HubPages and if you want to know how I did my first $100 on HubPages, follow the link.


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