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The Benefits of Social Networking and Search Engine Advertising

Updated on January 29, 2013

Every singer, band and musician wants to have their music heard and ultimately have the world know who they are. Unfortunately for many individuals working to break through in the music and entertainment industry, budgets do not allow elaborate advertising campaigns with ads in every major magazine, radio spots in every major market in their country or taking over youtube or facebook's front page (which I don't think has been done yet). Up and coming artists and bands need to utilize what they have and a great way to advertise within a budget is by publishing advertisements on Social Networks and Search Engine's.

The great thing about using social networking to advertise is that everyone, their mother, sister, father, brother, cousin and sometimes grandparents are on them. You can get the maximum audience and then refine them to fit your target demographic. This opens the door for a targeted reach far beyond anything we have ever seen for a considerably low price.

Facebook has ads that can be run on timelines and on the side of a targets demographics feeds. Twitter has an entire section on its side for suggested news. Plus, there are a bunch of different apps that can be linked to twitter that will tweet to someone's followers when they follow you, download your music, like your fan page, sign up for your mailing list and more.

Using advertisements on search engines can be helpful as well. People usually run to google the moment they need to look something up so putting yourself there will do you a great service. This part can be a bit more complicated but is still worth a try. You'll have to pay special attention to keywords and other things but the good news that comes with this possible complication is there are a plethora of coupons available for those trying search engine advertising for the first time like Adwords with google.

In this world of social networking and search engine's you cannot go wrong. The key thing to remember before you start any campaign or spend any money on advertising is to know who your target audience is. What group of people will like your music?

Once you have that you can role full steam ahead. People respond and are curious when they see a name or brand several times and these type of advertisements, both traditional and new, help to level the playing field with artists, bands and brands that have seemingly unlimited budgets.


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