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The Fine Art of writing about what you like

Updated on June 14, 2010

A new hubber

I'm just a noob here, I had choosen HubPages to make some money but also for writing about things I like and I think that could be interesting for others. As I said before, just a noob here and I don't make any money but still having lots of fun writing hubs.

Ok! The first thing I thought let's try to write in English to reach more readers, try a site that will give you traffic. I'm not good writing in English maybe neither in Spanish (which is my native language), but I try to do my best!

My initial idea was to make some money mainly on Adsense and I started reading about this mess. Then lots of new strange words started to appear: SEO, SEM, keyword research, link building, link baiting, .... aaargh!

What's all this? Your topics, keywords, niche, category, planning your milestones


Image by Gregory Tonon on Flicker (License CC)
Image by Gregory Tonon on Flicker (License CC)

Really want to follow ALL this rules?

You can search for a high paying niche or you can write about what you like. I'm a tech-guy so I write mostly about technology, VoIP, computing, open source and Linux ...

Then technology is my niche, I don't care if it's well paid or not. I'm sure that my niche research finish here, maybe I will make more money writing about insurances, cars, hotels ... but if I have things to say and those things are interesting for others make sure that all are around this topics.

But, of course, if you are reading this you know I write also about what I want to write today just leaving behind my technology niche, doesn't matter if I write about Adsense or anything else if I'm having fun with it. So now, I'm already skipping another important thing in getting traffic to your articles: "writing about things that people search and that people buy in the real world". Hey man, that's not just another job for me and I do lots of things which I don't like much at work. Why loosing my spare time on writing about "Google Top Searches", using this keywords and having visitors clicking on my ads. Is that really my goal?

Keywords are very important in online advertising, so try to put your high-paying keywords on the text but if you pull too hard make sure that your writing will not look natural, so be careful. For sure insurance, cars and hotels are not keywords that match with this hub though as far as I know they are well-paid. Do you really want to achieve this: a "hands on affiliates" guy!

SEO is in my opinion one of the most weird topics I have ever seen. Let's make your site search-engine-friendly, does this really make sense? If the search engine is made for searching sites, why building sites for search engines. Maybe it's more intelligent building sites for people and building search engines for searching those sites. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just going crazy! Links are very important for SEO, of course if you write loveable hubs links will come without need of doing anything else. Of course, I don't see it as an intrusive technique because this should not affect what you are writing, so I'm also building links like many others on Xomba, Snipsly, ...

Just follow the rules that make sense for you!

Hubpages is not only about making money
Hubpages is not only about making money


One of the things that impressed me when I arrived here at Hubpages was the tons of high quality and non-spam content I found here.

Helpful, funny, interesting content for sure it helped me a lot and later retained me here. Spam and copied content are not good things here on Hubpages.

I decided to make my new hub and thats the first thing I saw: Quality Hubs thrive. Spam, copied, & inappropriate content will be removed. Then I thought, yes! I agree 100% with this.

The community here is very helpful, content written here it's not a "few minute maid post" that's what I like to read and for sure most people will feel the same. Other hubbers will help you, will provide you interesting contents. For sure, this can't be paid with money.

Now I'm focusing on writing about what I like, answering questions and asking my own ones. I also like Hubscore because it's a true indicator of how are you doing things here. I love Hubscore because I'm sure that a high Hubscore is a warranty of a Hub quality. Then if you like the topic start reading and you will enjoy it.

I'm not writing this only because I'm here on Hubpages. If you are not one of us I recommend you to join Hubpages and start being a Hubber. Just trust me (at least I am not putting my own affiliate link here).

Money is not the only thing that matters ...

Image by by aresauburn on Flicker (License CC)
Image by by aresauburn on Flicker (License CC)

... but money is still something nice for everyone

Of course you can also earn some money and still be writing about what you like. For sure you will not get the 100% from Adsense or other affiliate programs you are not going to maximize your earnings but you can earn "some money".

So I'm going to put some links below to Hubs from other Hubbers that I have found useful on this topic:

Just leave two clicks here ...

My main goal on Hubpages is

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    • bytecoders profile image

      bytecoders 7 years ago from Spain

      Hello Crazdwriter, I'm glad to hear you liked it. I try to do my best, but at least I enjoy what I'm doing and for me this is the most important thing.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

    • profile image

      Crazdwriter 7 years ago

      Great hub. And welcome to hubpages. I am sure that yo have written plenty more hubs by now but great job on this one.