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Video Calls coming to iPhone 4

Updated on June 9, 2010

Was so difficult?

Apple needed four iPhones to incorporate a frontal camera to his product. Now it's time to get into future communications and full-featured VoIP on the iPhone.

If you have bought a previous version of the iPhone you have two options: release some cash again or enjoy your video call while you stand in front of the mirror.

Again, if you have an old version you will not laugh anymore when seeing Apple's special products like iMirror video call solution for iPhone.

Long time with iPhone but now it's time to see faces on your iPhone, Apple now has decided that is Facetime or in other words Time to see your face. Video calling is a cool feature and of course getting this in the new iPhone will make video call more popular. But, is this cool feature enough to buy again a brand new iPhone? Maybe for some people is enough important to release again some cash, they are getting deeper in Apple's way of doing business.

Apple's website
Apple's website

Phone calls like you've never seen before

Really never seen before? Apple claims: "People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone makes it a reality."

Hey Mr. Jobs, are you kidding us? Apple did not invent the wheel, neither the mobile phone and neither video calling.

However Mr. Jobs is doing a very good product marketing with every iPhone they have released. Blogs, rumours and all the people around have done the rest of the job. But now I think that most of Apple's marketing is focused on Apple's fanboys with blind eyes.

According to Apple iPhone 4 makes now video calling a reality but according to Wikipedia first analog videoconferencing was made from 1936 to 1940. Ip networks in 1990 made it more efficient and something more similar to today video calling solutions.

Mobile video calling arrived to Skype on 2008 and to Fring one year later. The main problem was the lack of public acceptance.

Maybe a pretty popular gadget like iPhone will change this but for sure people have NOT been dreaming about video calling for decades maybe people didn't care about this or people already had a videophone.

Iphone 4 is

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It's only a camera

Again I'm wondering if it was so difficult. Apple needed various iPhone versions and more than three years to simply put a front camera on the iPhone. I can't believe that Apple's engineers could not place another camera in a different position sooner.

Maybe the problem could be on the software part and not on hardware part. But, for sure lots of developers could have done this job for Apple and grow even more App Store with cool communication apps like video on Truphone, Fring, iCall ...


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