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How to Deal with Writer's Envy on Hubpages

Updated on August 28, 2017
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Michael Kismet has an I.Q. of 144. Michael also enjoys writing from time to time, in the pretentious, third-person sort of way.

writer jealousy
writer jealousy | Source

Would you feel offended to win "Most Envious Hubber" Award?

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Are You Envious of Another Writer's Work?

I gleaned this idea from my first post in the Hubpages forum and thought it would make a great article on the envious nature of an admiring Hubber. I've been with Hubpages going on five weeks now, and it has consumed much of my free time, learning and interacting with the tight-knit Hubpages community. I've dabbled in quite a few professions, but writing has always been something I enjoyed doing and dreamed about being appreciated for it.

I had a very turbulent first week, and it's interesting because I had interactions and run-ins with a few Hubbie Award winners, including this year's recipient of the Hubpages Lifetime Award, "jimmythejock". I was arbitrarily dismissive towards his answer from a question I had posted. Jimmy, if you ever make your way to this article, I just want to apologize for my lack of courtesy, I am capricious in my youth. Congratulations on your well deserved and prestigious award!

I had impulsively, posted on the forum regarding an idea of an Hubpages author accolade that would basically bump your 60/40 share with Hubpages to a 70/30 profit share. I haphazardly implied that there should be a Hubbie award for being the "Most Envious Hubber". In hindsight, I realized that it's more of an insult award, or generally others would deem it as insulting. What are your thoughts on the validity of this award, and it's social implications?

Writer's Envy
Writer's Envy

Qualities of the Envious Writer

My first month, there would be nights where I stayed up late reading, and just admiring the work another human being can create. I believe if you can't be captivated and dare I say enthralled by another writer's work, you can never say, in good conscience, that you love to write. You may be capable of writing coherently, and label yourself as a writer, but never can you truthfully say, you love writing.

I've had bouts of writer's block, due to an overwhelming sense of being an inferior writer. It all inspired me of course, but there were some that were just so moving, it left me quite drained of courage and motivation to live up to the expectations of peers. When other respected writers rank your work as sub par, it hurts. However, on the other end of the spectrum, a thoughtful and meaningful response can make your day.

We're generally writing on Hubpages for passive income, this is a fact. But if you're not utilizing the phenomenal community of writers on Hubpages, learning and growing from their ascertained wisdom, you're not experiencing one of the reasons why Hubpages has been around and survived, while other writing platforms are falling by the way side.

Another quality of the envious Hubber is if your eyes are green after reading copiously. An envious writer also possesses the insatiable desire to be able to incorporate and assimilate the likeness and mannerisms of the writers they look up to, or envy. Personally, I want it all. Here is a summation of my envy for particular Hubbers I've had interactions with, and/or have been secretly stalking out of envy.

  • I want to be able to enlighten and concisely inform like "Information Ninja" Marisa Wright can.
  • I yearn to be able to make the forum erupt in laughter like Mark Ewbie.
  • I want to conjure traffic and have mastery over SEO the way WryLilt can.
  • I want to rule with an iron fist on the forums like Relache does, pulling no punches, if it need be said, she'll say it!
  • I aspire to write beautifully and emotionally invoking articles like Paula and she has been around to keep my spirits up with her continually indomitable optimism and unmatched positivism, jpherj48(Paula).

The Distinction Between Jealousy and Envy

The Definition of Envy

Envy is an emotional response which "occurs when a person lacks another person's superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it" This definition for envy is scathing, is it not? I would never as a fellow writer, wished that others lacked it?

Suffice it to say, being envious or suffering from envy-like symptoms does not seem to be very becoming for a person, let alone an aspiring writer. With a little bit of research, I discovered multiple meanings for envy, from primarily religious explanations to the technical origin, to the psychological.

After taking a hard look at the definition, and my own personal definition of envy, I might not be as envious as I previously thought, perhaps just very enamored with the skills of other talented writers. Yet, I still do believe adamantly that a little envy is unavoidable, it's just human.

do you have writer's envy?
do you have writer's envy? | Source

Envious of Another Hubpages Writer

One Hubpages author providing encouragement for a new Hubber can make the difference between nourishing a new writer that will contribute to the greater good of the collective, or one that will quit and leave with a bitter taste in their mouth. Everyone appreciates gratitude, and learning how to display it properly is something I'm still working on.

It's difficult for an envious writer to contain their admiration at times, and I am a reflection of that fact. Being a very self-aware person, I've been holding back all the lovely things I want to say after reading something that moves me as a writer, in fear that it will shed a negative light on me, as being too envious. What would you consider as being too envious?

It's difficult for an envious writer to contain their admiration at times, and I am a reflection of that fact.

— Michael Kismet

Benefits of Being an Envious Writer

There are a few benefits to be garnered from being an envious writer. Firstly, if is a never-ending source of motivation, a constant drive to improve, and ultimately become a better writer. Learning and growing, developing as a more comprehensive writer is a slow process that shouldn't be rushed. Secondly, it pushes one to assimilate and emulate the qualities that make up a high accomplishing writer.

In my brief, yet optimistic observations of successful writers on Hubpages, communication within the community is a huge part of getting your identity and brand out there, but it's not necessarily a prerequisite for achieving every online author's primary objective, which is earning a decent income that validates all the time and works it takes to become genuinely successful.

dealing with writer's envy
dealing with writer's envy

Being Envious Writing on Hubpages

It's a slow revelation for many envious writers, realizing that Hubpages isn't suitable for short term expectations. It's a long term commitment, but that's another great aspect of Hubpages, no matter how sluggish the rate, you're essentially building. In that perspective, there's an ingrained truth and transparency to how Hubpages coexists with its writers.

The prevailing point I'm trying to insist upon is that it will generally take much time invested before seeing exciting results that the Hubbers you admire experience. It takes self-ordained discipline and a willingness for improvement that will be the determining factor whether a Hubber will soar, stay afloat, or sink from the weight of frustration. So, envy as you may, it's important to not let envy poison your perspective and proclivities as a writer.

Will there ever be a category in the annual Hubbie Awards for "Most Envious Hubber"? I wouldn't think so, but it's fun to pontificate about. I hope there are other envious writers out there that can relate to my affliction. Thanks for reading through, I am deeply humbled that you've read my article this far, please feel free to leave a comment. The comment box can also be used as a complaint box and a suggestion box!

© 2014 Michael Kismet


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