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The Unofficial HubPages Wordplay Quiz On Top Hubbers

Updated on August 6, 2014


For this quiz I decided to choose the ten hubbers with the most traffic as of 6th August, 2014. I will give a hint about which hubber I am referring to and you have to look for the name hidden in my phrase which is also a hint. The letters in their username must read from left to right. For example I will say something about the username “shelpeare” (my username) and give the phrase in which you must find the username which in this case is “SCHEDULED PASSENGERS CARRIED.” You must then see the username “shelpeare” in that: “SCHEDULED PASSENGERS CARRIED.” In the description concerning the phrase you will often find a pun which will give a hint concerning which is the answer.

The Ten HubPages Hubbers

Now let us get to it. Here are the ten possible answers but they are not in order and for a few you may need to check their HubPages profile:

e-five, incept09, anandkg22, nornsmercy, prokidwriter, healthmunsta, alternativeto, creativegenius, pattyinglishms, princesswithapen.


The Unofficial HubPages Hubbers Quiz

(1) A PERSON SKILLED IN THE ART – It is needless to say that this writer is a writer for she is skilled. You will find the first half of her username here. She is all for children as her children’s books attest.

(2) CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION – This hubber is about finding different ways to do things. I think I gave it away.

(3) FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT – This hubber from India was not here from inception but reader traffic is not foreign to this hubber. Leave out the two digits at the end of the username.

(4) HENRY CHARLES KEITH PETTY FITZMAURICE LANSDOWNE FIFTH MARQUIS – This hubber’s progress lets you know that you have more than a ghost of a chance at similar success.

(5) I KNOW IT'S GONNA HAPPEN SOMEDAY – The second half of her username is found here. Being royal she is one of the top hubbers.

(6) INFORMATION SYSTEMS LITERACY – Known by her mythical username she is getting traffic of mythical proportions compared to many other hubbers. Only the first part of her username is here.

(7) POPULATION DENSITY – She has the most hub traffic right now. The first part of her username alone is found here and is very edible. She speaks the language of HubPages. Knowing karate, she kicks butt here on Hubpages.

(8) RECREATIONAL VEHICLE/ ARGENTIFEROUS – The first part of his username is in the first phrase and the second in the word after the slash. All I will say is to crack this one you may need all your imaginative powers and your intellect.

(9) SELF IMPROVEMENT– This hubber lives in downstate Illinois but writes on upstate HubPages as one of the top hubbers.

(10) STANDARD GENERALIZED MARKUP LANGUAGE – His hubs are weighty including one on mechanical engineering. Leave out the two digits at the end of his username.



Now, do not peek at the answers until you are through. Hey, I caught you cheating!

(1) A PERSON SKILLED IN THE ART – PROKID(WRITER) - “Skilled” was the hint for “pro” and I mentioned “children’s books’ which she writes.

(2) CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION – ALTERNATIVE.TO – The hint was “finding different ways to do things.”

(3) FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTINCEPT(09) – The main hint was the word “inception” and the hubber is indeed from India. You were also told to “leave out the two digits at the end of the username” so that meant that it was between incept09 and anandkg22.

(4) HENRY CHARLES KEITH PETTY FITZMAURICE LANSDOWNE FIFTH MARQUIS – HEALTHMUNSTA - The hint here was “ghost of a chance” as the username is healthmunsta.

(5) I KNOW IT'S GONNA HAPPEN SOMEDAY – (PRINCESS)WITHAPEN – The hint was that she is “royal.”

(6) INFORMATION SYSTEMS LITERACY – NORNS(MERCY) – The hint was that she has a mythical username and has traffic of mythical proportions.

(7) POPULATION DENSITYPATTY(INGLISHMS) – There were many hints for this one. I said she has the most traffic right now, that the first part of her username is very edible and she speaks the language of HubPages - English. For those who read her profile I mentioned that she knows karate.

(8) RECREATIONAL VEHICLE/ ARGENTIFEROUSCREATIVEGENIUS - The first part of his username is in the first phrase and the second in the word after the slash. The hint was my use of the words “imaginative powers” and “intellect.”

(9) SELF IMPROVEMENT – E-FIVE - The only hint was that the hubber lives in downstate Illinois as his profile states.

(10) STANDARD GENERALIZED MARKUP LANGUAGE – ANANDKG(22) – The hint was that his hubs are “weighty”. Note the “kg” near the end of his username. I also said that there were two digits at the end of his username that you would not find in the phrase. That meant that the answer was between incept09 and anandkg22.


How many usernames did you figure out out of ten? Which ones were easy? Which ones were hard? Maybe I will do another HubPages quiz with you in it sometime. For those who got ten out of ten tHUmBS up to you!

If you missed it here are two related hubs on hubbers with the most hub traffic for the given periods:

The Top HubPages Writers With The Most Traffic - June 2014

The Top 100 Hubbers By Alexa Rank - July 2014


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  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    I like a quiz any time always great for the brain work thank you

  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago

    Thanks tirelesstraveler.

  • tirelesstraveler profile image

    Judy Specht 

    4 years ago from California

    Totally fascinating way to get our minds working. Great hub. Voted up and awesome.


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