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The Top 100 Hubbers By Alexa Rank - July 2014

Updated on July 9, 2014



The Top Three

In my related hub The Top HubPages Writers With The Most Traffic - June 2014 I gave a list of the hubbers that receive the most traffic on HubPages by percentage. Additionally, since each Hub writer has a separate subdomain it is even possible to see the various Alexa traffic ranks that hubbers have. To find out this information I used’s list of top-ranked hubbers by traffic and entered the list into the SeoQuake tool which gives many different statistics – one of which is the individual Alexa ranks for all 114 hubbers that I examined. The main page, has an Alexa rank of 604 at present while is at 36281. Of course the smaller the number the better the hub traffic experienced at a given time. This time around anandkg22 is at the top of the list while regulars creativegenius and pattyinglishms are up there as well.

Hub Traffic Illustration


The Top 100

  1. 109619 (Joined April 2013).
  2. 125627 (Joined October 2012)
  3. 152492 (Joined 2007)
  4. 195583
  5. 195896
  6. 196763
  7. 202827
  8. 229105
  9. 232071
  10. 237635
  11. 240905
  12. 263023
  13. 268711
  14. 272792
  15. 276436
  16. onehundredoneways2life.hubpages.c... 305224
  17. 307902
  18. 313849
  19. 323350
  20. 354499
  21. 356422
  22. 364380
  23. 383108
  24. 395514
  25. 395784
  26. 398247
  27. 404641
  28. 404796
  29. 405424
  30. 414388
  31. 418459
  32. 424056
  33. 424524
  34. 426593
  35. 427612
  36. 434249
  37. 454024
  38. 465594
  39. 465794
  40. 476541
  41. 484060
  42. 494815
  43. 512449
  44. 514350
  45. 519802
  46. 531153
  47. 538202
  48. 542794
  49. 551847
  50. 557639
  51. 566063
  52. 571225
  53. 574594
  54. 577367
  55. 596817
  56. 599466
  57. 637286
  58. 643085
  59. 645165
  60. 655469
  61. 657625
  62. 668899
  63. 672712
  64. 692275
  65. 699852
  66. 700495
  67. 727367
  68. 729935
  69. 731837
  70. 735838
  71. 750504
  72. 754797
  73. 756662
  74. 770197
  75. 781019
  76. 800412
  77. 809816
  78. 816226
  79. 819578
  80. 821563
  81. 834057
  82. 871397
  83. 872296
  84. 876519
  85. 888315
  86. 914681
  87. 931394
  88. 942955
  89. 1001207
  90. 1012820
  91. 1065391
  92. 1069051
  93. 1099205
  94. 1107017
  95. 1127261
  96. 1142241
  97. 1163373
  98. 1214966
  99. 1225801
  100. 1256389

Other High Traffic Hubbers


Just Outside The Top 100

Just outside the top 100 are the following hubbers:

  1. 1262954
  2. 1275347
  3. 1299354
  4. 1321516
  5. 1434507
  6. 1471988
  7. 1482827
  8. 1559676
  9. 1730282
  10. 1839372
  11. 1887871
  12. 1987218

Some Observations

(1) Some of these hubbers have many, many hubs which link to each other therefore this gives them more traffic. Readers are able to go from one related article to the other by the same author.

(2) Some of these hubbers have a few thousand readers subscribed to their hubs. That augurs well for traffic, comments and overall engagement. It is often said that longer hubs are better for SEO purposes. Well, what about comments making a hub longer? Does it not have the same effect if not better?

(3) Those who have been on HubPages the longest are not necessarily the ones with the most traffic. Anandkg joined just in April of 2013 and is in the top spot currently! However, if you have been around long you would have had time to beef up your repertoire and your number of readers so pattyinglishms is greatly helped in that department having joined as early as 2007.

(4) Apart from tweeting and sharing their hub links on Facebook and Google+, several of the top hubbers have thousands of articles or links indexed by Bing. Many also have their own websites that bring them traffic.

(5) Your hubs do not have to have the best Google PageRank to be in this list. About twenty-one of the hubbers in this list have a “N/A” (Not Available) result for their HubPages subdomain. Eight of them have “0”s. Two have a PageRank of 1. None have a higher PageRank than 4 though in contrast to HubPages PageRank of 6.

Closing Thoughts

Just remember that these statistics vary from time to time so if you did not make the list this time all is not lost. I myself have not done much on HubPages as yet as in the past I spent most of my online writing time on Triond which experienced a great and unfortunate decline in the past year or two. Despite joining HubPages some years ago I have only recently decided to give HubPages a go and see how things turn out. Well hubbers, all the best with the writing! If you want to read a related hub that will further throw light on this subject see The Top HubPages Writers With The Most Traffic - June 2014.


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  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago

    Some of them have only a few hubs but probably they are very good at seo or marketing or both. You can use Alexa to see which keywords are working for them.

  • Barbara Kay profile image

    Barbara Badder 

    3 years ago from USA

    What I find interesting is that most of these I've never heard their names before.

  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago

    You're welcome maalarue and congrats! By the way, these stats were for July and they vary from time to time so you can go up and down the list.

  • maalarue profile image

    John Mark 

    3 years ago from Texas

    Hello @shelpeare, I had no idea I was in the top 100 until I read your Hub. Very refreshing. Thanks for the info, and I think I'll do some research myself.

    As for interlinking, I have stopped doing so since I noticed below most of my Hubs I usually already have a link to another related Hub under "Related Hubs". I stopped because I'm not sure how Google likes double links. Just to be safe.

  • Buildreps profile image


    3 years ago from Europe

    Thanks for the list, shelpeare. Great work. It must have been an awful amount of work, wasn't it?

    I was curious I was among them - and yes! Nr. 92. I just checked out my current ranking, that was increased to 804,528 instead of 1,069,051, due to mainly three Hubs that are running quite well.

  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago

    Well melbel I respect your opinions but I wrote on Triond for some years and interlinking sure helped me. Whenever I had an article getting a lot of traffic I linked my latest article to it and more often than not it passed on a great deal of traffic. It worked like clockwork once it was a related article. I think a writer has to establish a bond with his or her readers by showing concern, helping and becoming known for quality information. Once that is done his or her audience is sure.

    @ teaches12345, you're welcome. It is inspiring to me as well. I spent most of my writing life on Triond and I am only now turning my eyes to HubPages which I joined a few years ago but never published much here.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    4 years ago

    I see some hubbers that I follow on this list and its good to know they are doing well. Thanks for posting the list. I'm sure many will find it encouraging.

  • melbel profile image

    Melanie Palen 

    4 years ago from Midwest USA

    1.) Interlinking has little to do with hubs giving traffic to each other (except in the case where the hub that I wrote that occasionally goes viral = it does give traffic to another hub I have linked within it.) Interlinking really just passes on SEO juice. Very little traffic passes from hub to hub, but it does happen. I wanna say like 1-5% depending on the hub.

    2.) Subscribers often don't really check in or comment. Many of my subscribers probably no longer use HubPages. I couldn't tell you who I'm subscribed to. It would be nice if all my subscribers read all my stuff and commented (hey, commenting on hubs helps with SEO), but I doubt that would happen.

    3.) It's about quality and how much work you put into something. If you joined HubPages 5 years ago and wrote one hub, I doubt you'll have as much traffic as someone who joined last fall and have written 20 high quality hubs. Quality. Quality. Quality.

    4.) I have my own website, but I don't maintain a relationship between my website ( and HubPages. Social media is really important which is why quality is the number one characteristic of successful content. If you don't write good content, you won't get shared.

    5.) Page rank is pretty deprecated at this point in the game.

    I hope you found my insights to be helpful.

  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago

    Thanks Barbara Kay and Treasuresofheaven.

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 

    4 years ago from Michigan

    Thanks for the list. I always wanted to know this information about Hubber rankings. Appreciate your work. Voted Up!

  • Barbara Kay profile image

    Barbara Badder 

    4 years ago from USA

    This is interesting. A few years ago, I ranked in the top 100. Not now. It is fun to see who does.

  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago

    Thanks DDE.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Great choices and you are keeping up to date with most of the best writers here.


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