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Traffic Stealing Report It Report Abuse Report Link Redirection

Updated on October 7, 2011

A place for article writers and bloggers to learn how to expand their Internet Business.
A place for article writers and bloggers to learn how to expand their Internet Business. | Source

An Introduction to

Updated 8-11-10


On the bottom of this Hub another Hubber shares their story of how they were losing traffic because people were being redirected to other Hubs with no relevance.

Everyone, we all need to check our links occasionally and we all need to report to the search engines when we are not taken to the proper Hub, blog or website.  I suggest you check all of your URLs from other Domains.


Another update for all of you......................

Hello everyone,

OK, since mid June I have received a handful of nasty and angry either email, comments or fan mail sharing with me how they feel about this Hub. Oh well folks, you don't have to agree. You can simply disagree and move on.

There have been a few comments sent to me which I will not approve. I have every right not to approve a comment. I have contacted Hubpages about this and they simply feel people are entitled to voice their opinions. I happen to agree.

I also would like to inform any of you who would like to read an update from another Hubber. She too has contact Hubpages and she received the same answer. We all have the right to voice our opinions and if you don't agree, tough. We can agree to disagree. Way to go Hubpages. Thank you. Click Here to view the update. Until next time folks, enjoy the rest of the summer. Keep writing, keep growing and stay happy all.

Hello Folks,

I thought I would share with you that I wrote a new Hub about external links taking traffic away from you. It's a short and to the point Hub. I explain to you how many Hubbers have been linking their unsername comments to take a person outside of Hubpages and I explain how it helps people who practice using this method of Internet Marketing helps them receive a higher ranking within the Search Engines.

Update 4-24-10

Hello Everyone,

It took a few days for the search engines to disconnect or take down URLs which were using my URL to redirect traffic to them. Reporting search abuse works.

I want all of you to know my revenue has increased already.

I created a test blog last week. I wrote great content, connected many of my links to it, linked my feed and used the best fitting keywords. I was indexed on page one of Google and Yahoo within days. Already someone was redirecting traffic from my blog URL to their blog or website. I have already reporting them and most have been taken down.

I will keep you updated. I'm doing extensive research and I've learned a whole lot. I'll be back to share with you what I have learned and how you can report anyone stealing traffic from you. Have a good day.

I Always Knew This Day Would Come

Hello Everyone,

I learned a hard lesson. I always knew someday I would have to face the truth.

Firstly, I want to thank NoRR4Me for opening my eyes and motivating me to take the steps needed to learn how to report link redirecting. At first I thought she was nuts but when I spared the time to search for my own URLs I could not believe how many Hubbers and Webmasters were redirecting my traffic to their URLs.

Let me explain to you the best I can how I check to see if my URLs are being redirected to another Hub, blog or website.

My Hub profile URL is I did a search at Google and Yahoo. My profile URL was in dozens of search results which were all on page one. So I clicked on the link within the search result and what you know, I was brought to another Hub, blog or website AND most Hubs, blogs and websites had nothing to do with the topic of my Hub's profile. I was pissed and I did the research to learn how to report the Report Search Abuse and I'm going to give you instructions to follow so you can report the Search Abuse if it happens to you.

Whenever someone tweaks their HTML code to redirect traffic (which simply means stealing traffic from you) to their Hub, blog or website that is against the rules and it's unfair. I work very hard to promote all of my Hubs, blogs and websites so why should I give it up. The cheaters saw me as an easy target for a whole lot of years but those days are over. The Search Engines are going to be hearing from me regularly. I and so many others have every reason to complain and report the cheaters. Isn't of cheating they should do the work themselves.

I've read many Hubs, articles, blog and websites which give you tidbits of advice on how to Internet market but then they claim they can't share the secret with you. The reason being is because the more you promote the more traffic they receive. Do you see the light now?

I spent one whole hour reporting abuse to Yahoo today. This is how it went down. I searched for my Hub's URL which is and I noticed my Hub's URL was within dozens of search results. Why? I would then click the link within the search result and I was brought to another Hub, blog or website.

Instructions To Follow To Report Search Abuse At Yahoo:

Do a search to your URL. If you see your URL within a search result click it to see if your redirected to another Hub, blog or website. If so, scroll to the bottom of the Yahoo result webpage, right click on HELP to open in a new tab. Go to Related Links and click on Report Search Abuse. Supply your name, email, Search Term (my search term was, submit abusive URL (the URL you were redirected to), then submit the Yahoo search page URL. I tell you to right click on HELP so you keep the Yahoo search webpage open so you can copy and paste the URL within your address bar. Choose what kind of abuse your reporting and in the additional information section either write something or just thank you. They already know your reporting link redirection which is traffic stealing.

I have checked out my blogs and website URLs and they are fine but I will continue to check them in the future and continue to report abuse if traffic is stolen from me. I feel this is just a part of growing an Internet business. I also feel the honest and good do win in the end.

I suggest you visit NoRR4Me to learn how to report link redirection abuse to Google. I also suggest not limiting yourself to only Google and Yahoo. I am and will always check all the other Search Engines I use to promote to make sure the cheaters are not stealing from me.

Any suggestions you want to share please feel free to leave a comment. I am more than happy to learn additional was to prevent people from stealing traffic.

I'll be back to update you. I will share with you if I see an increase of traffic to my Hubs, blogs and websites. I have a feeling I will see a huge increase. Best of luck and protect yourself.


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  • profile image

    murals-faux-painting 7 years ago

    THANK YOU!!!! I thought I was the only one who bothered to report the abuse and traffic cheating. Now I know how these crooked companies can guarantee the SEO results they promise. This stinks. I just found a company located in India doing this!

    Here's a tip for everyone. If you put out a Google Alert for your domain name, then you will get notified every time it comes up in search results or in a new website back link. That's how I found this company redirecting my url to their Google ads parked page. : )

  • profile image

    ziguangkk 7 years ago


  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hi Susanlang,

    I hear you and yes, the propaganda stuff. I got tired of reading it. Anyway, how do you contact MSN? I went to go write you but I did not see a link to send you a private email message.

    I'm well over due to check my URLs. I lost count how many times I contact Google and Yahoo but it had to be done. Since I've complained time and time again, my revenue has improved.

    Thanks again.

  • susanlang profile image

    susanlang 7 years ago

    Good story mailxpress! I don't agree with hospitalera's propaganda. That person tells everyone with the same concerns they are in a panic and tells them they have (no valid) concerns. Just recently, I had to contact MSN.COM (Bing) Search Engine.

    167 Hub Stories(Not Related To My Story In Any Form) were showing up in the MSN.COM Bing Search Engine, after someone tagged one of my popular hub stories, used the words and title from it and then created a link with it. When MSN.COM and others clicked on that link, it took you to other unrelated hub stories attached to that link...167 of them to be exact. Thank goodness...we discovered this because recently, MSN.COM took 100 of them down!

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    I'm so pleased that the topic of this Hub still brings traffic after so much time. The comments are great and explain so much and give a true picture of the Hubbers leaving the comments. Remember folks, the more impressions we receive to our Hubs or blogs or websites the more revenue we make.

  • WryLilt profile image

    Susannah Birch 7 years ago from Toowoomba, Australia

    I love how no matter how many FACTS a person is given they stubbornly refuse to see.

    If you want to get rid of all your own internal and external backlinks, feel free to do so. Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to build more...

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hello All,

    Some of you have left more than one comment. OK, we don't share the same opinion but is it necessary to leave more than one comment? Keep writing and keep growing everyone. Have a great day.

  • Susana S profile image

    Susana S 7 years ago

    mailxpress - I don't know if you realise that what you are doing is killing your backlinks? One of the reasons hubpages works so well to get pages indexed and ranked well so quickly is because of the interlinking within the site. Everytime a hubber leaves a comment or fans someone a link goes back to their profile - this is advantageous! Plus there's all the related hub links too as others have said.

    Check one of your hubs or even your profile in yahoo site explorer, you should see, (unless you've managed to kill all of your internal links), that you'll have hundreds of internal links from other HP pages.

    I just checked my HP profile page and it has nearly 6,000 links to it, mostly from pages within HP. The results you are seeing when typing your profile url in a SE are these links.

  • Marisa Wright profile image

    Kate Swanson 7 years ago from Sydney

    Mailxpress, I'm still not sure you understand what is being said.

    If you search for your Hub on Google, click on the title and get taken to a different Hub, it doesn't mean another Hubber is stealing your traffic. It's just the way the "related Hub" system works. Hospitalera explains it very well on her new Hub.

    If you don't believe us, at least do one thing - please don't report these Hubbers to Google. Instead, report the incident to HubPages and ask them to investigate it.

    It would be awful if you reported a Hubber to Google and caused them to lose their Adsense account because of an innocent site feature. Worse, someone else could follow your advice - and who knows, THEY might report YOUR Hub and you would lose your Adsense account!

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hi Hospitalera,

    Many people left informative comments on this Hub. They explained a whole lot.

  • hospitalera profile image

    hospitalera 7 years ago

    Mailexpress, have you actually read what Lissie and others wrote? The explanation is right there before your nose, in the related hubs field! Actually you are reporting backlinks and indexing aids for your own hub to the search engines! And these links are dynamic, they will have changed by the time you get to them. But nevertheless the related hubs feature is helping us to get all our hubs indexed more quickly.

    BTW, how do you imagine this kind of re-direct has been done? Hubpages hacked? All your websites hacked? Please check your facts before panicking! SY

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hello all,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain how it works. I do understand your point of view. You must understand that on the first few pages of a SE such as Google, so many of my Hubs (not only my profile) were being used. People had my username, my exact words within their description. I took the time to report dozens of redirects and since I have my revenue with Adsense has gone up. Google also corrected what I was concerned about and they wouldn't have done that if they felt I was complaining for no reason.

    Because I reported what I felt was wrong, I checked many of my Domain Names and the same thing was happening with them. I reported the redirecting and again Google corrected it and what you know, my revenue starting to increase again.

    OK, thanks for the comments and sharing your point of view. I do appreciate it. Have a great day.


  • sunforged profile image

    sunforged 7 years ago from

    wow - just wow, Lissie is right of course - even the most basic of understanding of how search engines work is missing from your theory.

    If this is actually causing you stress please know that there is no conspiracy of traffic stealers , do some research into more probable reasons and you will laugh at this theory later. And who do you think is searching for your hub profile URL anyway? Your showing a big misunderstanding in how search traffic works - I would put money down that you are th eonly person to ever enter that URL into a search window - what would the benefit of traffic stealing be? I may sound harsh - but you seem really concerned and you should not be. Its as if you said the Easter Bunny bit me..

  • Marisa Wright profile image

    Kate Swanson 7 years ago from Sydney

    I'm pretty sure Lissie is right. I'm finding my Google searches are much less accurate with their new setup. I've been doing a lot of research lately, I've lost count of the times where a result comes up, but when I go to the page the reference is in the sidebar or in a comment, not in the main body of the page.

    I don't think that's anyone being malicious - and I'd like to know how it could be done, anyway - I think there's a flaw in the way the search engines are working.

  • Lissie profile image

    Elisabeth Sowerbutts 7 years ago from New Zealand

    There is no abuse, no cheating - the cause is the related hubs list on the right of your hub - automatically added by HubPages. No one is redirecting anything - when I new hub is written on a similar topic - it will probably bump yours and you are seeing your site via the related hubs in the new hub.

    2 simple solutions : build links to your hub to rank it higher, build more hubs on the same theme and interlink so the related hubs are your own hubs!

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hi diabetesreporter,

    Hello fellow Hubber,

    I learned about people cheating and stealing traffic from a Hubber. I investigated and took the time to look up all of my Hubs to see if my links were being used to redirect traffic to different Hubs, blog and websites. I'm happy I did.

    My revenue in the past month from Hubpages has increased and because of what I learned here I took the time to protect my own few websites and blogs. People now know I will not let it continue and I also learned that I must report stealing regularly as a part of continuing to grow my Internet business.

    You can earn good steady money online but always keep in mind that many people cheat and are dishonest. I feel the honest and good win in the end. The cheats eventually get caught.

    You will enjoy Hubpages. I learned so much here. You mention Meta Tags. We can and do choose Tags but we don't have the option of going into our Hubs HTML. I do understand what you are saying.

    Thanks for the comment and keep learning and writing. Have a great day.


  • diabetesreporter profile image

    diabetesreporter 7 years ago from Eureka, California

    I'm a bit confused. EXACTLY how is it that people can do this? While there may be automated software to make the task easier, there still must be some way that it can be done manually. Understanding this may be a key to figuring out how to prevent it from happening in the future.

    That reminds me, in WordPress there are plugins available to register specific pages on your own site as being "authoratative". This is a META tag that is supposedly recognized by Google. I'm not sure whether this would affect just how Google treats other pages on your own site that may have the same content, or if it could somehow protect you from the type of URL hijacking you are describing. It certainly would be useful if Hubpages included the ability to insert META tags into our own pages though.

  • sabrebIade profile image

    sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Okay, thank you very much!

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hi Sabreblade,

    As of now you scroll to the bottom, right on "give us feedback", open in new tab, click on "google search results weren't helpful", and click on "couldn't find the page or information I wanted". I hope this helps.


  • sabrebIade profile image

    sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Is there an easy way to report this to Google?

    I looked all over but I didn't see a link like Yahoo has.

    I tried watching the vids on NoRR4Me's Hub, but thanks to my crappy internet connection, it wasnt meant to be.

    Thanks for the info!

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hello All,

    Here is an update. Most of the search results which had my URL within their search result were taken down. They are not linked to me anymore. I will continue checking my URLs.

    There is program out their which redirects traffic from you to the person using it. If you view the Cache of the the URL stealing your traffic it says right on top:

    These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: http hubpages com profile mailxpress

    This is saying they are using my URL to steal traffic. If it weren't so the websites I complained about would have not been taken down. It's that simple. This is just a part of growing an Internet business. I learned a hard lesson.

    I'm still waiting for Yahoo to take down a few search results linked to me but I took the time to write to the company associated with their Affiliate redirecting traffic. All in due time. I wrote to many companies yesterday and what you know, those websites were not linked to me anymore.

    I hope I helped all of your understand how you can speak up for yourself and how you have ever right to tell people to get their own traffic. I feel if you want traffic bad enough you will go out and get it yourself.

    I will continue to check and report anyone stealing traffic from me. Have a great day and teach yourself how to protect what's yours.

  • thevoice profile image

    thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

    terrific first rate hub reading thanks

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York

    Hi Sandy,

    Yes, it's worth taking the time to search for your own work. I've been at it all day and I searched for every one of my Hubs. I was brought to a different URL endless amount of times so I complained. Within a few hours the problem was fixed. Just something we have to do.

    Time will only tell me if it was worth doing. I'll let you know.

  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    I first did this when I read what NoRR4Me wrote. And seen that my URLS were tied to someone else. Despite that, I did nothing. OK, I'm reading this again, but through you and I typed in my profile URL in both Google and Yahoo. Guess what, I'm a victim too. Time to complain! Though some of these, I'm a little confused with this.

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York

    Another tidbit of information everyone. Check the Cache. Many cheaters are using your exact title to steal traffic. I'm two hours into reporting every search result which has my title and says by mailxpress. Not so. I was brought to Hubs which have nothing to do with the topic at hand. You have every right to report cheating. I suggest you do it. I will also continue through the night checking all of the other revenue sharing websites I belong to. I will make sure they are indexed properly. I will make sure they are all linked to me. Angry? Doesn't express how I feel right now.

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York

    Hello again,

    I just checked my Hubs URL profile at Yahoo. Yahoo has already taken down a few search results which were linked to my Hubs profile URL. In a couple of hours I will check again to make sure they take down the rest. I'm happy Yahoo took me seriously too. My new goal, to report anyone stealing traffic from me. Done deal.

    I'll continue to keep you all updated. The search engines take complaints very seriously. They know who cheating and who is not.

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 8 years ago from New York

    Hello Folks,

    Within a few hours Google has taken down search results linked to my Hubpages Profile. I'm very pleased with the fact that Google took me seriously and fixed the problem and still fixing it. I had dozens of people using my Hub profile URL as way to direct traffic to Hubs, blog and websites which I never wrote or wrote comments at. I'm very pleased at the fact Google fixed it. I'll keep all of you updated. Have a great day.

  • NoRR4Me profile image

    NoRR4Me 8 years ago

    MailXpress. Thanks for the shout out. No, I'm not nuts. LOL.

    Seriously, I knew something was wrong with what was happening. I'm sorry it's happening to you. I encourage other people to check their Hub traffic too.