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Using Hubpages for Link-Wheels

Updated on March 6, 2011

This is a quick explanation of using hubpages and many other sites to create inbound links to your sites. This is an important element of SEO in driving quality relevant links toward your website(s). Hubpages is an important part of this, as it allows you to have complete control over the content you create. Additionally, Hubpages has a revenue share, so you're monetizing the link to your site, providing additional revenue.

With Google indexing, I've noticed it takes forever for them to index sites and start driving traffic for new websites. However, if you post at least once a day and provide quality original content the search engines go crazy after a month or so. I'd say most posts on my blog index within 30 minutes, and I see traffic tied to specific keywords within 2 hours. But it wasn't always this way. I worked and worked, slaving away trying to find relevant websites. Then once I found those sites, I'd have to find a way to leave a link back to my site. This wasn't always possible, comments were closed, or they are 'no-follow' comments.

A better and more efficient way for you is to use the many sites out there, like hubpages, to spin articles and have have them direct back to your original content. Spin is important here. Hubpages wants only original content, so if you have written something on your blog, you can't simply copy and paste it onto hubpages. Which makes sense, if someone can read the article on Hubpages, why would they want to read it again on your website?

You'll have to create a synopsis or rewrite completely. Perhaps going into more detail on specific part of your content, so the user can see a broader article on your site. There are programs out there that will do this for you, but they all read like pyramid schemes. You pay them for a bunch of unbelievable promises and they keep your money regardless of whether the software is functional or even works.

Instead use sites like those below:

  • Bestreviewer
  • Blogspot/Blogger
  • Bukiska
  • Hubpages
  • InfoBarrel
  • SheToldMe
  • Snipsly
  • Squidoo
  • Suite101
  • Xomba
  • YouSayToo

With each of these sites you can sign up and post your content. For example, if you really love RadioHead and wrote a piece about their upcoming tour or album, or whatever. You post the original content on your website. Make sure it's monetized with Adsense or something similar. Also, make sure you provide an Amazon Affiliate link to buy the album or t-shirt or whatever, to further monetize. (If you have high enough traffic, it may be worth looking into Kontera for contextual links as well) Then go to each of these sites and write about a different aspect of RadioHead and leave a link back to your original content.

Please not, there is no point in more traffic if the traffic isn't creating revenue for you. Either through advertising with Adsense or through Amazon Affiliates. If you're seeing a jump in traffic but not a jump in revenue, use Google Analytics and the tools in Amazon Affiliates to help determine what's going on. Look at bounce rates, play around with where ads are. It's trial and error a lot of times.

With Hubpages they provide revenue sharing, so if someone ends up at your Hubpage post about RadioHead you're getting ad revenue there. You're also giving 'link juice' to your website, since Hubpages ranks well in Google's eyes. Even if those who see your post on Hubpages or wherever don't click through to your website, just having that relevant content linking to your site helps it's PageRank. Meaning, Google will equate your content on your website higher in it's ranking for that keyword(s).

Please be sure you make these one way links. You don't want to give up 'link juice' by having Google get to your content only to find it being sent back out to 30 other sites. You want only one way links to your site, and if you must link out, try to keep less than two links going out per page.

Anyways, I hope that makes sense and you guys get a general idea of what I'm saying. I'm not saying spam Hubpages with a bunch of worthless posts. Far from it. Rather, I'm saying use Hubpages and other sites as a tool to create quality content that points back to your site.

Good luck all!

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    • profile image

      Famous 5 years ago

      I have actually tried most of them having read your article. Some of them are really a pain to have something published others work like charm. Snipsly is an easy WordPress based platform for example.

    • sligobay profile image

      sligobay 6 years ago from east of the equator

      Very useful clear and concise info presented . Thank you.