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Using Zazzle Images on your Hubpages

Updated on December 12, 2011
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I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

Time is money

zazzle | Source

Making money from Zazzle images

Using Zazzle Images on your Hubpages is one of the biggest print on demand (P.O.D) companies on the internet. They have millions of user created products that can be bought through them. also has an amazing affiliate program that can be very lucrative to any affiliate marketer. Basically, a member of Zazzle can upload an image that they have created and put it onto one of the many different products that Zazzle has, e.g. t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, skateboards and coffee mugs. The products are then sold through Zazzle and the creator gets a percentage of the sale. If you sign up to the affiliate program you can make 15% from any sales made through your affiliate links.

How to use Zazzle images on your Hubpages

Images look really good on a Hubpage. They give each Hubpage an aesthetically pleasing look and they give the user something to look at. With Zazzle having literally millions of images on their website it would be foolish not to use them to give your Hubpage an image. The most successful Hubpages all have at least an image in the introduction. If you use images from Zazzle you can also make a little money from them by placing your affiliate URL to the products that you got the image from.

For example, if I were to write a Hub about Star Wars, there are loads of Star Wars themed products available from Zazzle. I could choose an image of Darth Vader to put into the introduction. I would upload the image and would include the affiliate URL that goes with the image. When you look at a product on Zazzle there is ‘link’ button that you can click on and it gives you several options that can be used to market the specific product. At the top there is an email link that is a URL that contains your referral link. Below the email link is an html code that can be used to show off the product and names the creator of that product, this also contains your affiliate referral. Then there is another html link below the html code that is another html code but it only shows off the image.

To conclude

You can insert lovely looking images into your Hubpages and make money from them if you make use of the power of You must ensure that you follow copy write laws and show where you acquired the image. Showing off where you acquired the image is a good thing anyway because this is how you can make money from that image.


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    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I just joined Zazzle and was wondering if I could use their links on Hubpages since Hubpages doesn't provide them as a money maker. Thanks for the info.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for this idea! I am a member of Zazzle and have been looking for ways to use my affiliate account. Doing an image link is a fantastic idea. Thanks!

    • Brett Winn profile image

      Brett Winn 6 years ago from US

      I learned something this morning! Thanks! Voted up!