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How to Make Millions Writing Articles Online.

Updated on September 22, 2012

Amongst the millions of online writers currently beating at their keyboards in hope of producing the best quality content possible, a faint whisper asks beseechingly why they aren't making more money with their content, and how they can begin to produce better results with their work.

Whilst there are several online forums and articles out there, which will try to convince you that they have some magical way of making you millions of dollars over night, you stick with the concept of writing articles, due to the fact you have a good understanding of how it works and how you are actually making money. The unfortunate case with many writers, is that it often takes a very long time for them to produce content, and then they are making nothing to show for it. It is a well known fact that every writer in some way wants some results from their writing, and if that happens to be money related, then it can be often quite frustration if they aren't getting what they want.

This is why I felt the need to share with you, just why you aren't making your full potential with writing articles online, and how you can begin to understand just how many articles it takes to make a living using such sites as HubPages.

Quality Content? What's that!?

For those of you who are more dedicated to the idea of producing as many articles as you can, despite the loss of quality within your work, you should know some vital information for the success of your writing... You will make the most money if people have a worthwhile incentive to frequently keep re-visiting your content.

There is absolutely no point in producing the worst quality of content, and expecting people to want to come back, as there are plenty of other sources they can visit to get the information that they need.

Therefore, to maintain a good following of visitors (traffic) to your articles, and therefore make more money from your articles, you need to ensure that you are producing the highest quality of content, so that you are giving your audience what it needs. Information! Around 80% of the users on the Internet are looking for information on how to do things effectively, and if you can appeal to a mass amount of these searchers, then you will consequently drive in a huge amount of traffic.

How much content do you really need?

The amount of content each writer will need to create to make a good living writing articles, differs between each writer, but it can certainly be affected by many factors. One of the most significant being the topic of the articles themselves, as this can decide whether you fill be targeting a lot of people, or only a small handful.

To become successful writing articles, you need to be writing on the most popular topics out there, as well as the most profitable topics too. Whilst the majority of writers will have their own specific topics, which they know enough about to write about, some of these topics unfortunately aren't that popular. So they can write as much as they like, yet they will still make much less than the article writers who are writing on the popular topics.

So depending on what topic you mainly focus on and how much that topic is currently earning you monthly, you can make a rough estimation around how many articles you will need to produce to make a living. Simply take the average amount you are currently making monthly, and divide it by the number of articles you currently have published. Once you have this figure, you can use the amount of money you would like to be making monthly (let's say $1,500), and then divide it by the figure you obtained before.

You now have a rough estimate of just how many articles you will need to produce to make your goal amount of money. It is worth mentioning, that due to the fact that many articles will do better than others due to other varying factors, you should expect some fluctuation on the real amount of articles it will take to achieve your goal amount.

What Topics Should I be Writing about?

In theory, it would be best to write about the topics which are currently doing the best in terms of popularity, and in terms of how many advertisers are willing to pay to rank for the keywords related to the topic. However, once you have the figure relating to how many articles you will have to publish to make your goal amount, it would only make sense for you to write on the topic you do best, if you have a large number to strive for.

You may be wondering why exactly, and it mainly comes down to the fact that if you know a topic well, you will be able to write about it with much better quality, and be able to escape the task of researching for answers. However, if you do decide to follow trends and highly popular topic you know nothing about, the amount of time it will take to create a high quality piece is very tedious.

Of course, this doesn't apply to you if you have a good source for finding out valuable information, and you are able to research a topic thoroughly within a small amount of time, yet the for the majority of writers, it would seem that researching simply takes too much time and effort. Plus, is one of the culprits of causing the symptoms of writers block!

But I Want to Make Millions With my Writing!

Who doesn't!? Although I hate to be a pessimist in any situation, it is very unlikely that you are going to make millions of dollars writing articles online, especially with the huge competition you will face along the way... Let's just say that if you are making around the same amount in dollars, as you are articles, then it will take you at least 1 million articles before you reach this goal!

Considering the majority of writers don't even make that with their content, you need to put this into a realistic perspective. Aim for a target of around $100+ monthly to start with, and as you progress, begin to raise the bar a little more each month. By doing this you not only stay on target, but you will also find that you are creating more content than usual, and you are making more money. This is absolutely,crucial to your success with writing articles!

What is your goal amount to make writing articles?

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    • MaoZedong profile image

      MaoZedong 5 years ago from Europe

      @ If you make $10.000/month, it should not be hard to surpass $1 mil.

      However, some DECENT affiliate marketing (not talking about the clickbank scams) and informational products helps you along the way financially. :-)

    • Walter Akolo profile image

      Walter Akolo 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for the great hub. I agree that you can make up to USD 10,000 monthly but will hardly make that million. The good thing with being a good writer is that you can learn to be an affiliate marketer or create information products. If you do these well, you can make millions.

    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 5 years ago from Northern California

      While I don't make a lot of money on Hubpages ( only have 12 hubs) I see progress. I feel better about the consistent money I make here than wth the 18 articles I have made with a famous content broker. If my articles stay on Hubpages and average the same as they have been for 24 months I will have made equal to the 18 articles on the brokerage site. But at month 25 I will surpass what I have made on the brokerage site.

      And the above is if I do not improve my hubs or traffic at all. Of course that is on the agenda. There is no contest in my mind...for me Hubpages is a better investment of my time.

      Thanks for the perspective and the goal-setting vote tally.