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What are the Ethics of a Hubber

Updated on June 27, 2013

What is an Ethic?

Ethic is defined as the moral principles that govern a person's behavior towards another soul.

What has Ethics to do with Hubpages and a Hubber?

Hubpages, has become a huge community and we are over 200,000 hubbers/writers publishing over a million hubs on this site. These hubs/articles are guaranteed to be 100% original from the author.

That means there's a lot of writing happening on this site!

However, the Code of Ethics a writer/hubber should follow are:-

  • Writer should acknowledge the contribution of others.
  • Any text taken from another author should be enclosed in quotation marks.
  • A writer should ALWAYS acknowledge every source that he uses in his writing. He could paraphrase the text or summarize it or enclose it in quotations.
  • If the writer is paraphrasing other author's work or idea or facts; he should be able to reproduce the exact meaning of the author's work.
  • When a writer is in doubt as to whether a concept or fact is common knowledge, it is best to provide a citation.
  • Authors are strongly encouraged to become familiar with basic elements of copyright law since there have been instances of plagiarism.
  • Authors can/must use copyright symbol in their published articles. The symbol identifies the owner/creator of the work along with the year of its publication. Copyright protection is automatic. Works don't need to be registered.

How to make a Copyright C symbol on a PC Keyboard

Hold down Ctrl and Alt at the same time and press C

Control + Alt + C

Hold down Alt and type 0169 on the number pad

Alt + 0169

How to make a Copyright C Symbol on a Mac Keyboard

Hold down Option at the same time and press 'g' to get the copyright symbol.


A summary of writer's ethics and copyright rules were taken from

What are the Ethics of being a follower on Hubpages

On Hubpages, a member/hubber is supposed to write informative hubs/articles and if that interests another fellow hubber. He can follow that hubber and read his latest publications by getting email updates.

Ethics come into action when the follower stops by to read a hub. Comments are mandatory. Speak your mind. If the reader does not comply with what's written he has all the liberty to dis-agree but do express yourself. And if the reader likes what he is reading, leave a few words of praise. This encourages the writer to write more meaningful hubs.

HubPages community has been very supportive so far. Hubbers have been reading and leaving kind words of encouragement for all the writers in hubpages. Now, that explains why we have over 2 million hubs published so far!

Following a hubber just because he is following you is NOT my rule of ethic. It all melts down to

  • CONTENT of your interest
  • CONTENT that interests you
  • CONTENT that ignites your imagination

IF the reader likes what he is reading then he can follow the hubber or choose not to follow him even IF the latter is following him. There is no rule of compulsion here.

As a hubber, we are wearing two shoes...a READER and a WRITER.

Do Justification in both arenas. Treat your hubber as you would like to be treated. Read, Appreciate their work and your work will also be read and appreciated.

This is a small community and let's keep the candle of knowledge burning so that the shine of the light can attract more people to join this site.

More the Merrier!

Do you stand by ethics?

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