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What is hubpage or hubpages?

Updated on July 4, 2011

Logo of "Hubpages"

Logo of "Hubpages" form ""
Logo of "Hubpages" form ""

"Hubpages" a well-known, familiar term & the best website around the world for all types of writers both novice to expert. You can access it through the link "". It's the place of writing, publishing & earning. You can write anything as your wish (except adult materials and copied contents). Several affiliate programs are the best reward if you are in hubpages. You can make an account by clicking "sigh in" option at the upper right corner of this page or click here to sigh up. Hubpages is free and best to write, to publish and to earn!!

This page gives a basic idea of hubpages. I just created this page to give a short basic idea about hubpages to the persons who want to know about it shortly.

What's "hubpages"?

Hubpages are build on several hubs and a place where you can publish articles on almost any topic.

What's "hub"?

A hub is a rich web page to write and to design by adding text, pictures, videos and links.

What's a "hubber"?

A hubber is a person who can creates a hub. By using 4 simple steps i.e. creating, naming, adding capsule and publishing that hub; a hubber can publish his or her hub.

What's the content of hubpages?

Although you can publish articles on almost any topic, there are few things you have to remember before publishing any hub. Those rules are:

  • You are not allowed spamming or gambling or providing gambling links.
  • You can't publish any nudity or explicit content or any links to adult or pornographic sites.
  • Care about your title because it should be matched to your content. Obviously, title must not be descriptive.
  • Don't try to publish unfinished hubs or strictly personal hubs.
  • Never create or publish copied contents. Hubpages hate copied content.

What's hubscore?

Each hubber has a hubscore by which the hubber's status can be determined. It's not static and depends on many things like the hubs of the hubber, the content's type, the content's popularity etc. It also prevents form spammer to spamming.

What are the rewards or bonus of hubpages?

By using hubpages, you can set up affiliate accounts with Google, eBay and Amazon. You may also put Kontera contextual link ads. All these are really a bonus for you. I think, you mean what the term "bonus" or "reward" means?

Any other information regarding hubpages?

Of course, a lot of information and interesting things. It's not the end of hubpages talk. You can also know much better by creating your account and publishing your own hubs. So, why you are waiting? Go to hubpages to create your free account and start your journey.

How to sigh up?

It's easy as "1-2-3". Just click the upper top side "Sign In" tab and create your own personal account and meet the noble family members.

Oh!! on thing, I forget to tell you. That's the "fan club" and "forum". Don't you understand? Ok, if not no problem. Just learn the simple thing. "Fan club" is the club made by you with loyal readers. It's just like yahoo groups or google groups. "Forum" is the right place to know about official hubpages announcements, to ask anything, to exchange knowledge, to report a problem or to give a new suggestion etc. To learn more details just go to the hubpages faq.

So, I think you will be happy to join in this noble family. If you haven't create any account, now, it's the time to create an account and start your journey. Just click here to sign up.

Bye, hope you will enjoy it!!

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© Written by rancidTaste

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How to sign up?

Picture of creating a new account and sign up.
Picture of creating a new account and sign up.


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    • profile image

      Rajbeenasekharan 5 years ago

      Preserve Life, Prevent harm, Be safe and keep safe.

    • full-heart-mom profile image

      full-heart-mom 5 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      I will be happy enhancing my potential in writing and sharing what I have learned in life here. It's an amazing site..... Thank you

    • profile image

      Mr Raunak Rana (India) 8 years ago

      Amazing-----its seems alike a giant ocean in tiny pot--------connsisting------------credible informations along with umbrella guides-------------

    • profile image

      Sandy 9 years ago

      I haven't signed up yet, but it is definitely on my to do list. Thanks for the information!

    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 9 years ago

      Just give a little try. I can do better.

    • profile image

      mulberry 9 years ago

      I signed up months ago but haven't made a hub yet. Thanks for the intro!