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Writing for HubPages

Updated on September 12, 2022
tiffany delite profile image

Making sense of life and all of its trauma and sharing some of my thoughts and experiences along the way!

I always feel happy whenever I am able to positively influence the life of another in any way - small or large. Whether it's a warm smile to a complete stranger in passing, a quick hug for a dear friend who is having a bad day, or a few words of encouragement to someone who is struggling with their present reality, I always enjoy when I can bring some type of uplifting quality into someone's world. In my opinion, the world feels so much better when it is happy. The great thing that I have found about the HubPages community is that there are many great hubs here on HubPages that are positive and uplifting; funny and entertaining; and organized and informative that bring the positivity, inspiration, and all around good feeling that I crave and enjoy.

This particular hub is my very first hub. A practice hub of sorts. When I was trying to decide what my first hub should be about, I thought, "What better way is there to get my feet wet on HubPages then to create a hub that directs my readers to many other positive, informative, and just overall great hubs with a wealth of "stuff" that is just good to know?" I couldn't think of any better way to practice so here you have it. Whether you are interested in health and fitness; diet and exercise; raising teenagers; personality disorders; quitting smoking; setting and reaching goals; and/or a multitude of other topics, HubPages is a great place for adventure, discovery, and information on more topics than there is room to name them. And if you are reading this hub, this is as good a place as ever to start! I have included links below to several hubs that I think are great. Enjoy!

When I joined HubPages in 2010, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing around and hubhopping during my first few days as a member of the HubPages community. Even while I was new at HubPages, I knew that there was much to learn from other hubbers, and I have been excited for an opportunity to learn as well as teach. I am excited to have a few followers, and I encourage you to join me on this journey by creating an account and following me as well. I am not sure exactly where we are going to go, but I can tell you that we will most definitely have a fantastic time getting there!!

PLUS, if you sign up and publish great hubs for hubpages, YOU can make MONEY! That's right. I said you can make money! I haven't personally made any impressive amount of money from this program, but I also haven't necessarily put in an impressive amount of time. I can say, however, that my account is slowly, but surely, adding revenue each day. I have included two short videos in this hub that were created by a different hubber. I share them with you because he goes into more detail about what HubPages is all about and how to earn money. He even does some screen shots of his account so you can see exactly what he has earned. Each video is less than three minutes long...most definitely worth six minutes of your time that could change your life...if you like to write or blog or would like to publish great hubs!



Ok. So, I have finally gotten used to calling the content on this site "hubs" rather than "blog posts" or "weblogs". They aren't blogs, technically. They are more like online magazine articles.

One thing that I think is so fantastic about HubPages is that anyone who cares to has the opportunity to share their voice, their expertise, their perspective...with whomever happens across it. I always like to think that the content that I put out is going to find just the right person that needs or wants to have that particular piece of information - whether it's for a laugh, or a cry, or maybe even a reality check. Who knows?

I haven't spent an incredible amount of time hubbing (that's what it's called when we are creating and publishing our articles and maintaining our hubs), but I have published a few hubs, and I plan to continue to publish for as long as I can. Hopefully, I will be able to publish many, many more!

I hope you have time to click through some of the other hubs on my site, as well as explore some of the other hubs, as well. If not right now, then definitely come back later. You can always bookmark this page so you won't forget :)

Additionally, maybe you would like to write magazine type articles, share your knowledge, and let your voice be heard. If so, please join HubPages and get to hubbing away!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Tiffany Delite


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