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3 Steps and Tips for Maintaining a High Hub and Hubber Score

Updated on October 29, 2014

Worried About Your Hub and HubberScore? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be!

The Author J.S.Matthew
The Author J.S.Matthew | Source

Why Is My Hub Score Constantly Changing?

Did you know that there are actually 2 different types of scores on HubPages?

Yup, that's right!

There is a "Hub Score" which is the value of individual Hubs and then there is your "Hubber Score" which identifies you as a Hubber collectively.

So why do the scores change all the time?

Well, there are several reasons and we will look at some of the basic points of interest regarding what dictates a high or low score. These principles can be related to both Hub Score and Hubber Scores.

Both HubScore and HubberScores are determined by an algorithm that HubPages uses site-wide. Check out the article from the HubPages Learning Center to read the official HubPages' Explanation of Hub Scores.

Here are some of the determining factors of HubScore and HubberScore Calculations:

  • Amount of Traffic You Get
  • Quality of Traffic You Get
  • Your Reputation as A Hubber
  • Amount of Comments/Response You Get from Other Hubbers
  • Originality of Your Content
  • Activity as a Hubber

All of these factors play a role in the overall rating of your Hubs and your HubberScore. There are other factors as well, but we will now explore the 3 biggest elements and tools you can use to make sure your Hubs get a higher score.

Remembering that you can always go back and make improvements and changes to your Hubs over time, will breathe a breath of fresh air into your Hubs that may just be sitting there all by themselves! Be creative and stay inspired!

Ever Changing Hubber Score!

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100 HubberScore! Yay!This is Not the lowest score I have experienced!
100 HubberScore! Yay!
100 HubberScore! Yay! | Source
This is Not the lowest score I have experienced!
This is Not the lowest score I have experienced! | Source

Original Photos Will Help Attain a Higher HubScore

You never know what you will find in your research!
You never know what you will find in your research! | Source

1. Quality of Your Content

What is quality of Content?

"Quality Content Is... A Publication of Information that a Publisher Provides for People Searching for Specific Information. The Author's Content is Easy to Understand and is Presented to the Reader with Comprehensive Information, so that the Information Can Answer All Questions Effectively, Across All Platforms of the Content Being Searched" -J.S.Matthew

Looking towards the Future of Online Publishing, there are a few important elements that will make your Hub Articles stand out on the World Wide Web. Let's explore some of the things that make for a successful article:

  • 500 Words is the general minimum for article length. The longer the article, the more likely it will be ranked above competitor's articles as long as your content is unique, original and not repetitive.
  • 1,500 Words will show Google and other search engines that you know what you are talking about. You have no "fluff" and you can back your facts up and site your sources as needed.
  • Do you have Original Photos in your article? Using your own photos greatly adds to the appearance and integrity of a Hub. If you would like to learn more about the Legal Use of Photos on HubPages, click Here.
  • Do you have Original Video(s) on your Hubs? HubPages recently launched a New Video Feature that allows Hubbers to create Video Hubs. This is a great feature because we can compete with video publishing sites and eventually will increase the HubPages site as a whole in search engine rankings. This is also an additional way to earn on HubPages!
  • Have you researched and implemented SEO and Keywords Effectively? Misleading keywords and over use of the same words can seriously hurt your score and reputation as a writer and Hubber.
  • How often do you go back to older Hubs and re-read and re-edit them? Chances are, you may be able to add more content, find spelling and grammar errors to fix, and some of your statistics or information may be outdated and need updating and revision.

The Quality of your Content is the most important element to success as a writer and is imperative to maintaining a high HubScore and HubberScore. This is an industry that rewards great content, not quantity. Remember: Content Is King!

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2. Activity As a Hubber

How active are you on HubPages? Do you read other people's work? Do you comment and share? These are just some of the things that dictate your score. Activity as a Hubber is often called Hubtivity. Your Hubtivity is the sum of everything you do on HubPages:

  • Writing and Publishing Hubs
  • Reading other Hubber's Hubs
  • Commenting on other's Hubs
  • Sharing other Hubbers articles on HubPages and with Social Media
  • Joining in the Forums

If you publish high quality Hubs on a regular basis, you will notice that your score will rise and eventually stabilize. Remember, it will Always fluctuate, this is normal! Focus on finding a niche and show your knowledge through interesting and informative Hub Articles.

Reading other Hubber's Hubs affects your score as well. Although this isn't a huge indicator used to evaluate a HubScore, it is important. By reading other Hubs and leaving Insightful Comments that show that you read the Hub and have a valid opinion of its content, you most likely will get back traffic as the Hubbers usually will check out your Hubs once you show interest in theirs. On the other hand, leaving short comments like, "Nice Hub!" or "Very interesting" will show the reader that you didn't really read or grasp the information in the Hub. Don't leave a Hub Comment unless you truly mean it!

Sharing other's Hubs is also important because it helps the author get more outside traffic, that is, traffic outside of HubPages. As a rule, if I leave a comment on a Hub it means I have done the following:

  1. Enjoyed the article
  2. Left a Comment expressing my opinions on the subject and offering the author praise for their hard work.
  3. Have Voted the Article Up in one way or another by using the buttons in the comment section that tell why I liked the article.
  4. I have SHARED the Article with my Followers, shared on Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, RedGage and StumbleUpon. There are other sites to be shared on, but these are the sites I SHARE on regularly.


3. Edit, Edit and Re-Edit!

No matter how many times you visit your own Hubs, you should always find things to add or change. Information changes over time and your Hubs need to be changed with the times. Look for Typos and Grammatical Errors particularly with Punctuation.

Use Spell Check to make sure you spelled everything correctly. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen on HubPages and within my own articles are errors that are hard to detect. For example, maybe you intended to write the word "One" but typed "On" instead. The Spell Checking Software will not catch this because "On" is a word, it is just not the right word in your sentence!

Having someone else proof read your Hubs is a great idea because they might be able to see things that you can't see. They can often make suggestions about format and diction that may appeal more to the reader. A great author always has a good editor! If you can't find someone who can edit your work for you (always use someone you know and trust!) then there are many sites and forums that will read and critique your work. Always be mindful that allowing other people to see your work before it is published can be dangerous! There is no shortage of article stealing and plagiarism out there!


There are many things you can do to improve your individual HubScores and your overall HubberScore. If you take your time writing Quality articles and if you research your keywords and information you will have a head start. By adding Original Photos and Video as well as Quizzes and Polls, you will be improving the quality and look of your articles. You will attract more readers and you will experience a higher ranking in search engines.

Remember, people who make money online as writers produce Quality over Quantity. Quantity comes with experience and time. Focus on writing Quality and writing often, and you should have no problem maintaining a High Hubber Score and your articles will have higher HubScores!

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