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How to Start Blogging The Future of Content Publishing Photos and Video Media Online

Updated on July 27, 2019
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Anthropologist fascinated with Cambodian Khmer history and culture. Board member and Secretary of Cambodian American Rescue Organization.

The Sky Is the Limit! Start Taking Awesome Original Photos Today and Add Them to Your Blogs!

Adding your own high quality photos and videos to your blogs make you Cool and Smart!
Adding your own high quality photos and videos to your blogs make you Cool and Smart! | Source


J.S.Matthew is a Published Online Author. He publishes through, a publishing site with an eye for the future of Online Publishing and Advertising.
J.S.Matthew is a Published Online Author. He publishes through, a publishing site with an eye for the future of Online Publishing and Advertising. | Source

The Future of Online Publishing Is at Hand!

The Internet is Changing...Very Quickly! If you want to stay on top, then there are some things you need to know about the Future of Publishing.

After Google's "Panda" updates, the World Wide Web has literally flipped upside down. But for some companies, this flip landed right on their feet, allowing them to move forward in the right direction, into the Future of Online Publishing and Advertising.

The two concepts of Publishing and Advertising go together. Think of the last magazine you picked up and remember all those ads! Advertisers pay for space and Publishers allow the Advertisers to use some of the page space for a return on the investment.

It is a profitable and necessary relationship for publishing success. The format of how it is put together is changing rapidly, and over the next few years what used to work may become obsolete. Let's look at what is changing and how it impacts us as Online Writers.

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What Is Quality Content?

What is Quality Content?

Is it measure of the amount of characters or words a writer types or writes? Is Quality based on the diction and use of "Big Words" within an article? No, at least not anymore!

"Quality Content Is... A Publication of Information that a Publisher Provides for People Searching for Specific Information. The Author's Content is Easy to Understand and is Presented to the Reader with Comprehensive Information, so that the Information Can Answer All Questions Effectively, Across All Platforms of the Content Being Searched" -J.S.Matthew

Using this home made definition to attribute the principles of advertising, if content meets the quality specifications as stated above, then effective advertising will add to the quality of the content. If people are searching for a specific item, they will benefit from content that is descriptive, in-depth, and covers multiple venues.

In a recent interview with HubPages' CEO Paul Edmondson, Paul made some interesting points regarding Comprehensive Quality Content. Paul asked the interviewer the following questions:

  • "When people search for Video, where do they usually go?" The answers unanimously was "YouTube"
  • He then asked, "When people search for photos, where do they go?" The answers were similar: "Google Images and Flickr"
  • Paul's last questions was, "When people search for Blog Content, where do they go?" The answers were "Tumblr and Blogspot"

The point of Paul's questions are that people have to search multiple platforms to get specific content for their search queries. That is where HubPages steps in and eliminates this multi-task search; everything is on one page in HubPages! Video, Photos and awesome Quality Content.

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What Is Changing: The Writer's Themselves!

If you were to go back in time about 7-10 years back, there was a new type of online content that was born: Blogging. Originally called, "Web Logging", the term was downsized to the word "Blogging". Since the introduction of the blogging platform, many sites have popped up where people can write whatever they want, whenever they want. Originally, the typical "Blogger" was computer savvy and most likely a professional in their field.

What has changed over the last few years is that anyone can become a successful blogger/online writer if they have the knowledge, time and effort to put into their articles and blogs. So the demographics of "who's writing on the web" has changes significantly. You no longer have to have an advanced computer programming degree to write online. Look around sites like HubPages and Squidoo. Who do you see?

  • Single Mothers/Fathers
  • Everyday Experts: People who write about their professional experiences
  • New Writers: People with no prior writing experience, thus, breaking into writing online
  • Everyday, Ordinary People!

So the next question should be: "Who's Reading Online Articles?"

The answer to that question is very clear: It is the same type of people that are writing the content!

With that said, since the who's who online is changing, so will the way we do things online, particularly within Advertising on our articles and blogs. To implement successful advertising, there are certain elements that need to be present:

  • Targeted Audience (True Audience, not just projected)
  • Proper Product Ad Placement
  • The Use of Mobile Technology
  • Universal Search (Everything integrated into one place)


Managed Monetization: Different Advertising Sources

  • Direct Sales Force
  • "Net Shelter" Partners Representing Specific Categories
  • Remnant Ad Networks: Real Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Affiliate Advertising

So Where Are We Going With This?

The point to be made is clear: In order to have Quality Content with Advertising within the content that adds to the quality, then all aspects of search (Universal Search) should be mended together, on one platform. This is where HubPages is leading in the Future of Advertising.

If you click on a HubPages article on the first page of a Google Search, what will you find and why is the article ranked so high over other pages? The answer is simple:

Successful HubPages Articles Have Integrated the Following Content In One Place:

  • Great Video
  • Great Original Photos
  • Great In-depth, How-to Textual Content
  • Fine-tuned Ads including RTB (Real Time Bidding) so users can buy directly from one source without performing multiple Search Queries and signing in to other sites.

Everything is brought together on one page. If you want to watch a Video, it's there. If you are looking for Photos, they are there too. You can Read Information about the topic right along side of the Photos and Video and all the information you need is on one single page!

No More going from YouTube, then to Google Images and then to Blogspot to learn about what you just saw.

HubPages will become the "One Stop Shop" for everything revolving around the original search query! If a searcher is looking to buy a product after a review of the product, they have all the information they need to make an educated decision and can purchase the item Right on the Same Site!

The Future: In Conclusion

As with any success, Trial and Error is a building block to building your bottom line. Since the Google Panda changes, many Publishing Websites took a huge hit to their traffic. HubPages was among them. What separates HubPages from all the rest is their Dedication to Long-Term Goals, Research and Implementation of New Ideas, and Staying Current with Online Trends. Integrating Multiple Technology Platforms into one, easy to use format is the ultimate goal of HubPages and HubPages is the Future of Online Publishing As We Know It!

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95 Minna Street (3rd Floor) San Francisco, CA 94105:
95 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

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© 2012 JS Matthew


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