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Why is Hubpages the Best Website for Writing

Updated on May 4, 2017
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I am Liam, a soldier, sports enthusiast, motorcycle biker and a huge fan of leather. I love to travel, write about my travels and my life.


What Makes Hubpages so Different?

Hubpages is an online writing platform which first saw the light of day over ten years ago. At first, the website was more in the shadows of other, at that time more successful writing platforms, among which were for example Squidoo - eventually acquired by Hubpage and BubbleWs. Yet, among all the popular online writing platforms, Hubpages is the only one which is stable and was able to stand the test of time and it still exists and builds on its numbers regarding authors and readers.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit and advantage of Hubpages is the site's stability and the fact that it has been available for such a long time, which testifies to this writing platform being long-term oriented, legit and paying its writers for their writing contributions. Why? Well, it's simple - do you think this website would continue to grow and authors would continue to publish their content on this platform if it had not paid them for their efforts on a regular basis? Of course not!

I would also advise using the Hubpages forum section if you want to learn something about Hubpages and if you have a question about a particular topic that interests you as a hubber. Do not be afraid to ask fellow writers for help. We are all here to succeed and help each other on our path to earning some money online.

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Am I Good Enough of a Writer for Hubpages?

If you have been looking for a great online platform that will allow you to post and publish your thoughts, ideas and share your knowledge online, then Hubpages is exactly the right website for you. But, you need to be aware of some of the Hubpages standards that the platform set for all its users. Not only that the author of hubs must not only be a high quality writer, they also need to be proficient in English and in English grammar, meaning that the articles should be written without any major grammatical errors, cohesive and comprehensive.

Yet, these facts should not keep you away from trying your best to become an accomplished Hubpages writer. A great aspect of this writing platform is also the Hubpages learning center which allows its users to learn step by step as you grow as a writer and produce hubs of higher quality with each article.

As with everything else in life, with time, persistence, determination and knowledge you will improve as a writer and you'll see an increase in visits to your articles as the quality of your writing continues to increase.

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Best Topics to Write About on Hubpages ...

Well, there is no real or correct answer to the question which topics are most interesting for Hubpages readers. My advice to all hubbers and writers out there would be to simply write about the topics that you feel most interested and invested in, since your readers will appreciate your writing being sincere, direct, without any beating around the bush and you showing your knowledge of a particular topic.

I would say that readers like to read mostly about earning money online, music, movies, travelling and more personal topics, like love, family, friendship, relationship.

I'd say that it is important for the author to be confident of the topic they are writing about, and they possess enough knowledge and experience on the topic in order to share their thoughts and opinions with the rest of the online world. Visitors and readers will continue to come back to your websites if they trust in what you are writing and if they feel that you know what you are writing about and that they can ask you questions about a particular topic.

Be Organized on Hubpages

Hubpages seems to be a well organized and systematic online writing platform, on which only the most proficient and high quality writers reach the highest level of success. But don't let that turn you away from joining this website as an author. When I first joined Hubpages, I was kind of lost and did not know where to turn and what to do. At first I was kind of a newcomer and did not know how to start. Luckily, the platform offers a great learning center for all newcomers and leads you step by step in your venture of becoming a proficient hubber and one that not only publishes online content but rather also learns how to attract visitors to the published hubs.

I am quite an organized person which helps me be systematic and organized also on Hubpages. Everytime I decide to publish a new hub, I first try to find an idea to write about, develop it, check if there are plenty of other similar websites on the same topic to see whether it will pay off to write about this particular topic. Then I start scribbling down titles for each paragraph of my hub and start organizing them in the correct order. When I have around 1,000 words written, I start putting the content online (i'm writing first in Word) and start organizing it by adding polls, photos and videos to my hub. When I am finished with my writing, I tend to leave it unpublished for a couple of hours and read it once again thoroughly before really publishing it for others to read. In that manner, I am able to go through my hub slowly and try to find potential grammatical and contextual mistakes.

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