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Anybody use the tracking token 'hubnow'?

The reason I ask, is a while back I set up a tracking token entitled 'hubtoday'. However, stupidly not reminding myself I began posting links (and have been for quite some time now) with the tracking token 'hubnow'. I realised my error (just a few moments ago) and tried to set up the 'hubnow' token... but alas, it's already somebody else's! All I can say is whoever you are, you're a lucky person lol.


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maddot says

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5 years ago
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    John Crowley (writeyourwrongs) 5 years ago

    A tracking token is something you can create (an unlimited amount of) and insert into your hub URL links. Anybody clicking that link will be followed by that tracker and any views on any other people's hubs will give you a 10% ad revenue.