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URL Tracking Token

  1. stephhicks68 profile image87
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago

    I spent several hours yesterday trying to figure out the system to set up a unique tracker (thank you Darkside for many helpful tips, BTW).  I finally set up a new URL tracker, which was approved, but when I tried to use it, it didn't work.  Any ideas?

    I did underscore first, then my tracker code.  For now, I've resorted to using the random tracker code, which does work. (all of this website stuff is new to me)

    Thanks - Steph

  2. darkside profile image81
    darksideposted 10 years ago

    Post your tracking URL here. In a link to your own favourite hub.

  3. stephhicks68 profile image87
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago
  4. stephhicks68 profile image87
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago

    OK, odd.  That worked.  (of course)  Give me a blushing smiley face....

  5. vintage chic profile image67
    vintage chicposted 9 years ago

    Hello everyone-
    Okay, I'm trying to understand all the url tracking stuff. Like many people, I am making it harder than it is. So, let's start with what I know..
    1) When I go into my account, and click on url tracking, I see on the left a number listed in the "tracking token" column. Is the number I see there MY default tracking number(when I click on it, it says it hasn't been assigned..) Above this is a box that says "create a new tracker".  This where I go to list my new unique tracking numbers, right? 
    2) When I go to someone's hub page, scroll to the bottom, and click on "link this page" THEN what do I do and where? In other words, do I paste the url I see immediately..somewhere on MY hub? Or in that box, after I click "link" do I remove the url that's there,and replace it with the url tracker that I see on MY hubpage?
    Thanks, you guys!