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What Is Wrong With My Adsense Account?

So I've got a couple of questions about my adsense account :l. Basically the second day I joined Hubpages, with 2 hubs, I linked my adsense account. I've read that it has to be approved by google or something? I never got a mail about any approval of my account, but it is saying that hubpages is a 3rd party owner and my site is Does this mean my profile is linked to adsense? (I see adsense advertisements on my hubs). So when will I see any income? (I thought 100views = $0.40) I've got my 100 views, but adsense is just showing $0.00? What am I doing wrong?


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4 years ago
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    BlocksNGuns 4 years ago

    I've done this, and I've been waiting for a about 2 months now without seeing the earnings bar rise from $0.00. :l