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Thoughts on self promotion & soliciting votes (for a Rising Star Nomination!)

Any thoughts on etiquette versus prudence when it comes to self promotion & soliciting votes (Rising Star Nomination!)? I saw a question like mine when I recently joined HP & agreed with answers to promote/not be modest. But now that I'm nominated (and not sharing/promoting much until the LAST DAY of voting) I'm torn between excitement, remorse for not sharing sooner (travelling) and feeling a bit silly for asking for votes. I'm not opposed to votes if you took the time to read this (moss garden but also am looking for input & opinions (e.g. bad form?).


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Best Answer sheilamyers says

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3 years ago
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    RockyMountainMom 3 years ago

    Thank you, I think you are spot on, about HP readers being the bulk of voters. My initial facebook post was over the holiday weekend and didn't get seen. Just after posting again today, I saw that I had already won, which supports your thought.

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