SUGGESTION: Change the way slideshow images (size) are displayed

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  1. wilderness profile image95
    wildernessposted 9 years ago

    When viewing a slide show the photos should show up sized the same as a full size pic, even though they may be flushed right or a thumbnail, on the hub.  I am not seeing them that way.  Jason provided me with the same screenshot (after the photo has been clicked) showing it much larger in the light box.  This screenshot has it just about the same size as it is in the hub, where it is flushed right.  From a capsule of thumbnails, clicked as a thumbnail and again after it expands.  Once more, the slideshow view is the same size as the hub photo.  Screenshot of a hub.  The slideshow view of the image above, after it is clicked.  Obviously a problem.

    I am running windows XP and firefox 13.0.1 in a full screen view.  Ram is low, at 1 G total.  Lots of hard drive available. 

    I did not take screenshots, but looking at other hubs I see the same thing; slideshow views are always small, even when the photo on the hub is full size.  I've also noticed that usually, but not always, when time I click a photo for a slideshow the resultant light box is blank.  Clicking an arrow to move forward produces a photo; clicking then to move back produces the photo I wanted to see. 

    These screenshots illustrate a problem I have been complaining about in the forums along with several others.  Is it possible that it is not site wide, but limited to only a few hubbers?  It looks like I've been whining about nothing, but if so, others are too.

    *sorry about that top shot; I forgot to adjust the size.*

  2. wilderness profile image95
    wildernessposted 9 years ago

    I might add that I almost always upload his res photos; the waterfall that shows up so small is 1.71 MB at 2448X3264 px on my hard drive and about the same in "my photos" at HP.  It's not because the file is too small to display.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image78
      Matthew Meyerposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      The size of images displayed in slideshows is related to the size of the browser window and not to the size of the original image.

      As you have witnessed, this can be confusing and is not intuitive.

      If you would like to suggest a change to how slideshows work, you can do so here:

      1. wilderness profile image95
        wildernessposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I'm missing something here, then.  I always run my browser full screen - the window can't get any bigger.  Or do you refer to something else? 

        Help me here, Matthew.  I'm just not getting it.  If the image shown on the hub is 6" wide (measured with a ruler on the monitor) but only 2" wide after it is clicked and the slideshow lightbox appears is that correct?  Is it something I've done with my browser?

        1. MickiS profile image77
          MickiSposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Wilderness, it depends on how many pixels wide and tall your screen is. What we show in the slideshow is the largest image that we can, and as you stretch your browser, you'll see that the image gets larger.

          In the case of Jason's screen shot, the image looks larger than yours because he took it from a large monitor (and not his laptop screen, for example).

          Does that help?

          1. wilderness profile image95
            wildernessposted 9 years agoin reply to this

            Somewhat.  I use a 23" screen running at a resolution of 1280X800.
            Changing the resolution to 1680X1050 gives larger images in the slideshow.  It still isn't as large as a full screen pic in the hub (actual size measured by a ruler) but it's better than it was and the smaller pics flushed right come out larger than in the hub.  I would have thought that 1280X800 would have been plenty large enough, but apparently not.

            Interestingly, 1600X1200 results in a much smaller picture - that resolution does not fit the aspect ration of my monitor.

            I also note that many of the pics show up large for just a moment and then decrease to give the sharing buttons room to appear.

            Thanks, Micki - I've got the large pics back,  Don't know why they ever went away (I didn't change the resolution of my video card) and I hope readers use a setting that works properly.  That's questionable based on the number of hubbers complaining of the same problem, though.

            1. cascoly profile image60
              cascolyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

              it appears they changed the way slideshows & photo displays work, but  there was no announcement - none of my slideshows, at full size work now - instead i get a small picture embedded in a big black box

              my monitorss and resolution have not changed at all

              1. wilderness profile image95
                wildernessposted 9 years agoin reply to this

                That was what I saw, too.  Suddenly there were no enlarged pics, but I hadn't done a thing. 

                I don't know what they did, and don't really understand it, I just know that playing with my resolution "fixed" the problem.

  3. brakel2 profile image81
    brakel2posted 9 years ago

    I like the slideshows. They are fantastic.


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