Google Finally Finds My Hub After I Delete It

  1. andyoz profile image90
    andyozposted 5 years ago

    Around three weeks ago I published a new hub, it was one I expected to do well in the run up to Christmas.  To my annoyance Google did not find it.  It showed up on Bing and Yahoo and was getting some traffic but it was not indexed in Google.  So two day ago I decided to delete the Hub and republish it a week later under a slighty different title. As google has obviously not seen the original it should be no issue with dup content or anything.  So I went ahead and pressed delete.

    Today I just happen to notice that my Hub which is now gone, is showing up in Google search!   Obvuoulsy you click it and it goes to a 410 page doesn't exist page.  But how stupid is that!  Google only found the Hub after I had removed it!

  2. jacharless profile image82
    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    Because the crawl date, for Google, is set to 30 days, post release.
    The "no-index tag" is removed post Pending or [if/when] a Hub comes out of Zzz.
    But the Hub has to wait, for Google indexing, until the spider cycles.
    A "forced index" can be done, on Google, by resubmitting your ...hubs/latest?rss link//feed.

    Ying [Bing & Yahoo which are now the same engine] have different parameters and often ignore traditional "meta-tags" for content. Add the Facebook parameters and it comes Yingbook Social Engine. Since SAGA [Search Alliance global Algorithm] was initiated, the parameters have changed, for the better.