Hp and their Wet Rats and Fair weather Friends

  1. GA Anderson profile image83
    GA Andersonposted 5 years ago

    A lot of us have made decent money with HP - in past years

    first it was thin content, Google love and affiliate links - $$$$$$$ - worked for me

    then Penquin

    so now content needed to improve and affiliate links trimmed and  more respectful - still some $$$$$$

    then came HP ads - Adsense died - ugh!, but HP ad made me some $$$$$ - ok

    then comes HP's new ebay and Amazon pipe-through - oops - not much $ - now

    so now I'm down to the just HP ads - (still hooked up with ebay, Amazon, and adsense - but they are pretty much useless for income) - and with Panda - -$-$-$

    I bitched and moaned and complained about ebay and Amazon change - but was still making some money

    Then along came Zzzzz's - wow, I'm almost "complained" out - Geesh

    Then came the -90% Panda/whatever hit - I fumed and boiled with frustration - sometimes not so quietly

    Then came - "ALL STOP!" - No more HP publishing for me!

    I bet I just described a lot more Hubbers than just myself....

    Well, I'm feeling guilty and all wet, like most of the other rats that have jumped ship.

    I have checked-out most of the other rev-share and write for money sites, (still participate in a few) - but none have shown me the personal staff involvement and interaction, (even if I think some of that is baloney), or effort to communicate with the community that I see here.

    Shame on me. And a lot of you others too - you know who you are.

    HP has issues, and some of their solutions weren't the most well thought out, but at least they are trying - when you are falling off a cliff - you usually aren't to picky about which rope you grab for.

    I write for money - so now I have to spend a lot more time and effort elsewhere to make up for the traffic problems and lost income here at HP - too bad, it was a good ride, with good company

    Now that I have toweled myself off, I'm going to climb back on-board and try to contribute some good content - when I can. It might not help HP much, (given my dismal traffic stats now), but it might.

    At least I won't feel so guilty, but I'll still moan, groan and complain about nutty stuff - like the 24 hr pending thingie - come HP, what does that accomplish?

    And come on - you other "what's in it for me" past-performers - I know ya gotta do other stuff now, like me, but at least get off your high horse and toss in a crumb or two.


    1. WryLilt profile image92
      WryLiltposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed. I had my little tanty after Penguin 1 but realised it's not a bad site. I learned my lesson about eggs in one basket but it's certainly in my top fave baskets.