Is There any Hubs Interlinking/crosslinking limitations in hubpages?

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    mcxniftycallsposted 5 years ago

    I started writing on hubs couple of weeks before and published 09 hubs. And I am exited that 3 of my hubs are appearing in search results. I already got 16 visits from Google, Bing and Yahoo to the hubs I posted 06 days before.
    I want to interlink my hubs to increase page as 07 of my hubs are of same niche. So just want to know,

    How many Hubs I can interlink to a single hub?
    ans just want to know, Am I going good with SEO if my hubs are getting traffic from major search engines in just a week, I work hard on On page SEO.

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      Casimiroposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Shouldn't be a problem to interlink your hubs. It's very good that you're getting organic traffic from SEs, too. You might want to review the FAQ (Publishing Rules & Policy), which has some guidelines regarding backlinks, external links, etc.

      Good luck!