November's Home, Religion, and Fashion Rising Stars

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    Simone Smithposted 5 years ago

    Hi everyone! The latest Rising Star winners have arrived!  You will find links to the winners and their fabulous authors in this week's newsletter (coming out later today wink )

    How to Install Vinyl Gutters (67%)
    Great Wall Painting Technique: Plastic Bag Roller (17%)
    Moving to a New Home - Holiday Moving Tips (6%)

    Religion and Philosophy
    How do I Begin on a Pagan Path? (33%)
    The Art of Debate: Walking Away (24%)
    Make everyday a Sunday; get your family on track spiritually (19%)

    Fashion and Beauty
    Personal Style—How to Choose Fashion for a Flawless Wardrobe (36%)
    How to Decide: Manual vs. Power Toothbrush (27%)
    Naturally Me: My Personal Hair Journey (18%)

    Nicely done, Rising Stars!

    Big thanks to everyone who voted. big_smile