Wish List and Suggestions for HP in 2013

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    janderson99posted 5 years ago

    HP is a business and they can do what they like, and deem fit and appropriate for the site.
    However, as a user what would be your Top 5 Suggestions for the site in 2013 and your wish list.

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      janderson99posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      My suggestions are:
      1. Stability – change is good if it works, but I think there have been too many change on HP. HP should finalise the layout and ‘let it be’ for 6 months or so. This would help build traffic and reputation with G and Bing and also with the users of the site (the audience).
      2. Get rid of NOINDEX tags on hubs during pending by not publishing them while being evaluated (QAP). This means that featured pages never have this tag.
      3. The hubscore be revamped as an overall quality and popularity rating for the hub, with a published formula such as quality (60%) + Traffic (10%) + Comments(10%) + Likes(10%) + Media /capsules (10%). This score would be shown to hubbers on their summaries and would be used for ranking of pages in topics etc. Tell it like it is!
      4. Feedback provided on new hubs with suggestions for how they could be improved.
      5. Emphasis on improving traffic overall and also re-engaging established writers who are not part of AP.