Is this hub title any good. Top 5 money making surveys.

  1. seanorjohn profile image81
    seanorjohnposted 5 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good searchable title. Top 5 money making survey sites in the UK. Or can anyone suggest a better title. I am determined to make payout in 2013. gonna try and write 3 hubs a week from now on.

  2. brakel2 profile image83
    brakel2posted 5 years ago

    You need to go to adwords and put in the keywords to see if they are successful. It sounds like consumers might search for that topic. Suggest you not put titles in forum. People can steal them. Better to email someone from the site who might be willing to help you. You also learn by reading up on keywords in available hubs or in the learning center. Good luck.

  3. seanorjohn profile image81
    seanorjohnposted 5 years ago

    Thanks Brake. You are right. I need to go to the learning centre. I don't think anyone would copy my rubbish key words though.