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placeing my picture on my profile

  1. aikikenjitsu profile image61
    aikikenjitsuposted 5 years ago

    OK, I’m old and not computer literate. Now, on the profile page, how to I place a picture of myself in the square? I mean, where do I click to start the download process?  Thanks much, this is fun but driving a covered wagon across Arizona was easier. I’ve checked many sites but hubpages is the  place for me, if you can help me acclimate, I would appreciate it.  I guess the answer would be on the forum. Thanks (Aikikenjitsu)

    1. jyuvapriya profile image57
      jyuvapriyaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Store your picture on your computer then upload your picture from your computer to Hubpages by editing your profile.

    2. MoonByTheSea profile image91
      MoonByTheSeaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Select "edit profile." Then you can upload your photo in one of two ways:
      1) Click anywhere in the empty box under the word "photo". From there, a window will open allowing you to select any photo file on your computer.
      2) Reduce the size of your browser window so that you can see your desktop as well as your "edit profile" page. Drag a photo from your desktop over to the little box under the word "photo."

  2. aikikenjitsu profile image61
    aikikenjitsuposted 5 years ago

    then there's something I can find to start it, a click button or something. I'll look at it again and see want I'm missing, maybe. thanks.