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Proposed Business & Jobs Category -- Tell Us What You Think

  1. larryfreeman profile image86
    larryfreemanposted 9 years ago

    As I mentioned in a previous announcement, categories are coming to HubPages.

    Here is the planned breakdown of the Business & Jobs Category:

    Business & Jobs (Top Level Category)

    * Accounting
    * Advertising
    * Business & Society
    * Character & Professionalism
    * Cooperatives
    * Customer Service
    * E-Commerce
    * Economics (See Economics in Education & Science Category)
    * Education & Training
    * Employment
    * Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
    * Finance
    * History of Business
    * Human Resources
    * Insurance
    * Investing
    * Management
    * Marketing & Sales

    Here is the proposed breakdown for each of the above Business & Job subcategories:

    (1) Accounting (2nd Level Category)

    * Accounting Web Sites & Software
    * Audits & Auditors
    * Balance Sheet
    * Basic Bookkeeping
    * Budgets & Budgeting
    * Corporations
    * Double Entry Accounting
    * Financial Statements
    * General Accounting
    * Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    * Income Statement
    * Partnerships & Limited Partnerships
    * Pricing
    * Statement of Cash Flows
    * Sole Proprietorships
    * Tips & Advice

    (2)  Advertising (2nd Level Category)

    * Ad Agencies
    * Ad Campaigns
    * Anecdotes & Horror Stories
    * Billboards & Posters
    * Classified Ads
    * Direct Mail
    * Google Adwords
    * Metrics
    * Online Advertising
    * Public Relations (See Public Relations in Marketing & Sales)
    * Press Releases (See Press Releases in Marketing & Sales)
    * Print Media
    * Radio Ads
    * Telemarketing
    * TV ads
    * Writing Memorable Ads
    * Word-of-Mouth

    (3) Business & Society (2nd Level Category)

    * Business & the Environment
    * Business Ethics
    * Crowdsourcing
    * Culture & Technology
    * Currency & Exchange Rate
    * Discrimination
    * Dislocation & Suburbanization
    * Distribution of Wealth
    * Globalization
    * Government Regulation
    * Insider Trading
    * Layoffs
    * Outsourcing
    * Protests & Public Demonstrations
    * Regulated Monopolies
    * Trade Deficit
    * Trade Wars
    * Unions

    (4) Character & Professionalism (2nd Level Category)

    * Becoming a Professional
    * Business Ethics
    * Character
    * Courtesy
    * Honesty & Accuracy
    * Leadership
    * Patience
    * Respect & Appreciation
    * Trust

    (5)  Cooperatives (2nd Level Category)

    * Agricultural Cooperatives
    * Business Cooperatives
    * Cooperative Bank
    * History of Cooperatives
    * Housing Cooperatives
    * Legal Issues of Cooperatives
    * Retailer Cooperatives
    * Utility Cooperatives
    * Worker Cooperatives

    (6) Customer Service (2nd Level Category)

    * Attitude
    * Courtesy
    * Customer Feedback
    * Difficult Customer Contacts
    * E-Commerce COntacts
    * Effective Communication
    * Face-to-face Contact
    * First Contact
    * Outsourcing Customer Service
    * Presales
    * Relationship Building
    * Telephone Contact

    (7)  E-Commerce (2nd Level Category)

    * Backups & Redundancy
    * Blogs
    * Cloud Computing
    * Consultants & Vendors
    * Connectivity
    * Customer Service (See Customer Service Subcategory)
    * Designing the Website
    * Domain Name
    * Digital Certificates
    * E-Commerce Services
    * Logistics & Order Fulfillment
    * Marketing your Web Site (See Marketing Subcategory)
    * Merchant Accounts
    * Network & Information Infrastructure
    * Online Auctions
    * Payment Options
    * Quality Assurance
    * Security
    * Search Engine Optimization
    * Server Hardware
    * Software
    * Staffing & Outsourcing
    * Success Stories & War Stories
    * Tips & Advice
    * Web Hosting Services
    * Website Maintenance

    (8) Education & Training (2nd Level Category)

    * Apprenticeships
    * College & University (See Education in Education & Science)
    * Consultants
    * Certifications
    * Conferences & Seminars
    * Education Resources
    * Financial Aid & Scholarships
    * Federal Job Training Programs
    * Icebreakers
    * Learning Objectives
    * Military Transition
    * Motivational Videos & Books
    * Night School
    * Off-the-shelf Training
    * Online Training & Learning
    * On-Site Training
    * Professional Organizations
    * Professional Trainers
    * Relocation
    * Schools & Providers
    * Self-Improvement Programs
    * Skills Development
    * Testing & Assessment
    * Tips & Advice

    (9) Employment (2nd Level Category)

    * Benefits
    * Business Writing
    * Careers
    * Communications
    * Ethics
    * Health & Stress
    * Interviewing
    * Job Search
    * Managing Up
    * Math for Business
    * Meetings & Presentations
    * Offer Letters
    * Online Resources
    * Raises
    * Recruitment & Staffing
    * Resumes & CVs
    * Salaries & Salary Ranges
    * Time Management
    * Tip & Advice
    * Vocational Guides
    * Volunteer Work
    * Work-Life Balance

    (10) Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses (2nd Level Category)

    * Bookkeeping
    * Bootstrapping
    * Business Ideas
    * Business Plan
    * E-Commerce (See E-Commerce Subcategory)
    * Entrepreneurship
    * Franchises
    * Home-Based Business
    * Hospitality Business
    * Information Technology Businesses
    * Legal Guides
    * Mail Order & Internet
    * Marketing
    * Niche Markets
    * Raising Capital
    * Retail Businesses
    * Venture Capital & Angels
    * Web Business

    (11) Finance (2nd Level Category)

    * Annual Budget
    * Banks & Banking
    * Business Plans (See Business Plans in Entrepeneurs & Small Businesses)
    * Corporate Finance
    * Debt & Equity
    * Explanations & Introductions
    * Financial Statements (See Financial Statements in Accounting)
    * Foreign Exchange
    * Inflation
    * Interest Rates
    * Money Management for Young People
    * Outside Investment
    * Personal Finance (See Personal Finance Category)

    (12) History of Business (2nd Level Category)

    * Automotive Industry & Transportation Industry
    * Banking System
    * Captains of Industry
    * Company Profiles
    * Cyberspace
    * Economic Bubbles
    * Economic History
    * Great Depression & Economic Downturns
    * Industrial Revolution
    * International Business
    * Major Episodes in History
    * Railroads
    * Technology & Innovation
    * Wall Street

    (13) Human Resources (2nd Level Category)

    * Benefits
    * Compensation
    * Difficult Employees & Difficult Situations
    * Employee Selection
    * HR Policies
    * Interviewing & Hiring
    * Job Descriptions
    * Online Resources
    * Performance Management
    * References & Checking References
    * Regulatory Issues
    * Tips & Advice
    * Work Environment

    (14) Insurance (2nd Level Category)

    * Auto Insurance (See Auto Insurance in Personal Finance)
    * Brokers
    * Claim Management
    * General Liability
    * Legal Risks
    * Property Coverage
    * Risk Management
    * Self-Insurance
    * Tips & Advice
    * Umbrella Liability
    * Workers Compensation

    (15) Investing (2nd Level Category)

    * Bonds
    * Commodities
    * Currencies
    * Diversification
    * Economic Cycle
    * Emerging Markets
    * The Financial Crisis
    * Futures
    * Investment
    * Leading Indicators
    * Loans
    * Market Data
    * Microloans
    * Mutual Funds
    * Online Resources
    * Options
    * Real Estate
    * Savings
    * Socially Responsible Investing
    * Stocks
    * World Markets

    (16) Management (2nd Level Category)

    * Active Listening
    * Business Ethics
    * Coaching
    * Consolidations & Mergers
    * Decision-Making
    * Delegation
    * Human Resources (See Human Resources Subcategory)
    * Information Management
    * Interviewing & Hiring (See Interviewing & Hiring in Human Resources Subcategory)
    * Job Descriptions (See Job Descriptions in Human Resources Subcategory)
    * Leadership
    * Management
    * Managing Up (See Managing Up in Employment Subcategory)
    * Metrics & Valuable Statistics
    * Motivational
    * Negotiations
    * Performance Reviews
    * Planning & Forecasting
    * Problem Solving
    * Production & Operations
    * Project Management
    * Quality Management
    * Pricing (See Pricing in Accounting Subcategory)
    * Risk Assessment
    * Strategy & Competition
    * Systems & Planning
    * Teams
    * Training (See Education & Training Subcategory)
    * Warehouse Management

    (17) Marketing & Sales (2nd Level Category)

    * Advertising (See Advertising Subcategory)
    * Brands & Brand Building
    * Contemporary Marketing
    * Customer Service (See Customer Service Subcategory)
    * Guerilla Marketing
    * Long Tail
    * Marketing Campaigns
    * Marketing Metrics
    * Marketing Plan
    * Market Research
    * Podcasting
    * Promotion
    * Press Releases
    * Public Relations
    * Reaching Buyers
    * Sales & Selling
    * Viral Marketing
    * Web-based Marketing & Sales

  2. sylvana profile image55
    sylvanaposted 9 years ago

    Hey Larry,
    That lot of new categories looks great to me. It's so comprehensive, there's nothing to add I'm sure!

  3. Lifebydesign profile image60
    Lifebydesignposted 9 years ago

    I agree, its hard to find anything missing here Larry!
    One particular trend I am noticing is that there's an increasing and very timely focus on the way we conduct our business, not so much our competence - which is what's been traditionally emphasized - in these specific areas you've outlined, but our character. Whether its in the area of economics, ads or management there's a definite and growing emphasis in looking at the person behind the business - previously thought to be a nice-to-have and rather 'soft' concept. You capture some of it in ethics, courtesy, active listening, attitude.
    I would suggest that Character or something akin to it is put in the first level, or in each secondary level. It could capture such aspects as trust (see Stephen MR Covey 'The Speed of Trust' for instance), ethics, morals,respect, quality traits, values, team morale. Some if not all of these overlap into other areas (courtesy and values for instance are just as pertinent in education, sales, management) but, at any rate, are becoming inseparable in the market place from what they represent and say about ourselves, our character and our personal brand/s.
    I don't envy you your task or decisions Larry, but you're doing a brilliant job and I know you'll make the right choices for hubpages and the hubbers.

    1. larryfreeman profile image86
      larryfreemanposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your suggestion!  Let me think about it a bit and see what I come up with.  I agree wtih you that it is very good to make Character topics more prominent.


  4. Dame Scribe profile image59
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    Awesome list! lol ... excellent job! smile

  5. Research Analyst profile image83
    Research Analystposted 9 years ago

    I think that having this category is going to be reflective of the times we will be seeing in the decades to come, because many are looking to change jobs, get employment, train and learn new skills and with the increasing number of baby boomers leaving the workforce, and taking with them many years of expert experience it will be necessary to help businesses fill those voids and vacant positions with qualified employees. I think writers have a great opportunity to cover these topics and categories under Business and Jobs. Thanks Larry, I like the comprehensive list.