Would you like to be part of a team to create a book?

  1. Grant Kearney profile image61
    Grant Kearneyposted 4 years ago

    Do you want to be part of a team, a global team, to work on a global project, using global crowdfunding and sharing the rewards and profits with everyone!! Then come join our team.

    My dream is to share Gods message of angels with the world by publishing an anthology book on everything about angels. To do this I will enlist a team of people from around the world to help in all the different areas and facets, from the writers who submit articles and story’s to the editors and proof readers, to the people who know how to use technology.
    Through enrolling others. Now you  may say “hey that’s easy” however its not for me. I have spent my whole life trying to do everything on my own and to ask for help feels wrong. Like I cant do it, Im not good enough and I don’t deserve it, and if I cant do it then its not worth doing.
    Need articles and story's on Angels
    website developer
    proof readers
    beta readers
    social media guru
    crowdfunding expert
    to name a few

    Financing for the project will be by running a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to create and publish this book.

    All money raised will go towards
    1    creating and publishing the book including paying the writers
    2    and all profits to go back to funding other crowd funding projects

    I will keep none of the money, that’s right you read it correctly, not one dollar. All profits will go back to crowd funding other peoples dreams and ideas. Hey if I can do it then anyone can.

    I cant do it alone, so will you be part of the team ???

    Maybe I will even write a book of the journey smile