Let's have fun through explorations of discovery with writing

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    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    This is a game. The game is an 'a' game too. Ponder meanings of:

    1) The
    2) A
    3) and, An

    Players: < ∞ and / or > ∞ (Note: Those funny things are programming language for the alt key symbol for infinity = alt key + 236)

    The rules are simple.
    A) Create something from a given
    B) Use words to to offer or give meaning to what is created
    C) Share either in the 1st person or 3rd person voice, a choice
    D) Bearing in Mind discovery is sought of 'self' in or out of a context
    E) Content is emphasis
    F) Respect equally all as if unto 'self'
    G) Remember to Smile while having Fun, Fun, Fun + say  . . . .  . . (Stop) A puzzle be, a puzzle is
    H) Adding to is okay, yet you can not take away, it must be derived of the original, given

    * Language is not a hindrance offering only opportunities
    * Symbols count since they have meaning
    * Art is as is inspired
    * Music counts since a language it be, yet must be written somehow or someway within the rules
    * Random and word association counts as long as the root or foundation word is of the given or thereof
    * There is never, ever, a wrong answer, since it is related to the or a or an 'self'
    * Correctness is relational to discovery through explorations of self and collectively when read only and is relative only to whom of who is reading

    Some resources for exploration are offered below while knowing there are many more


    Google Translator

    International Characters

    The Imagination

    The Given is: Messiah

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      tsmogposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Some examples are:


      Me is a name I call myself and you are one too
      s is the first letter of
      s looks like a lightening bolt at times
      ss is a model of different model cars of Chevrolet of varying scales like 1:24 all the way to 1:1
      I is another name I call myself and too you are one
      H is a football fields objective sought for scoring some say one side is heaven and the other side hell an in between is a field of grass which sometimes is muddy from rain and hard from snow and the cold.
      Mess is what occurs after work
      Ah is what the doctor asks of me as he puts a tongue depressor in mouth and it looks like a popsicle stick, which could be a sickle held by my pops

      Remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun. . . .