Popup on Spotlight Profile Page

  1. brakel2 profile image82
    brakel2posted 4 years ago

    Yesterday, I noticed a popup on my profile page. I ran the page today on McAfee. They found no problems. However, they had a graph about what others thought of the safety of that page.. Only 20% found it free of spam. popups, and other issues. This may have been only a small sample of "others". I never had a popup in the past or any other issues. Thanks.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image77
      Matthew Meyerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Was the pop up an ad or other content?
      Sometimes rogue ads can exhibit this nasty behavior.
      Are you still seeing the pop up? What ad or other content did you see?

  2. brakel2 profile image82
    brakel2posted 4 years ago

    It was a small ad that said "click here" I do not know the ad sponsor. I see no popups today on any of  my pages. Firefox is supposed to be blocking popups but indicated one could occasionally occur. Firefox 18 Windows 7.