How many writers would love to have their story's printed in a book?

  1. Grant Kearney profile image60
    Grant Kearneyposted 5 years ago

    Angel’s Project - Making a difference to a child – Grant Kearney

    Paying it forward...

    Calling all authors and/or inspiring author and/or anyone who just loves to write for whatever reason. I have recently begun a beautiful charity event. Long story short, this will be the creation of a book full of inspiration. For special needs children and their parents. I can give much more detail to anyone who is interested in donating a creation of their own work to this beautiful and deeply moving cause. If you are interest or would like to know more please contact me. (The man who dream and blossomed into this beautiful reality of paying forward and love). There is no funding being requested from this, something far more valuable, your personal creations. I would like to add however, if you would like to help with funding and/or idea’s for fundraising please by all means get in touch with me also. Please when you contact me, leave your full name, and contact details so I can get in touch back with you. Love, light and thank you

    Angel’s Project - Making a difference to a child

    would you like to be part of something that makes a difference in the life of a child?

    I have a dream to create an anthology book on Angels that can be given away free to thousand’s of children in children’s hospitals all around the country and the world. However to donate the books, first need to create the books and then somehow raise the funds to have the books printed and then personal given to a child in hospital so they know they are not alone in their stay in hospital.

    Hospitals are scary and exciting at the same time, however once the families and friends have all gone home it become very lonely and frightening place to be, even more so when you are a child.

    My wish is that the anthology book will have the very best writers of today contribute a story or article for this project and would love it if you would like to be part of this exciting project.

    Now comes the tricky part, it’s ok having grand ideas but how do I fund it, this is where I have decided to use crowd funding for this book project. And the platform or site I have decided to use is indiegogo. Not having done anything like this before will be a challenge and journey on its own.

    It would be really awesome if you come on board with this project; there are so many sick children whose lives we can touch and make a difference in

    Originally the plan was to have just true life experiences with angels however think that the kids would love to read all types
    non-fiction articles
    real life encounters
    short stories
    even artwork
    and pictures with sayings

    Will be adults who will buy and read the book so aim at adult and kid level, whatever you are inspired to write will be awesome.
    Have not started the crowd funding campaign yet and when I do will run for 45 days, so there is no rush to submit your story or two

    God bless
    Grant Kearney

    1. horsemanofrayle profile image61
      horsemanofrayleposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I write short stories that are about horses mostly. If you would like me to write one for you just send me an email and tell me. I can write you some. I am a new writer with my first book coming out in may of 2014. my adress is Looking forward to helping you. Thanks


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