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Explanation for hubbers writing short blogs

  1. galleryofgrace profile image82
    galleryofgraceposted 4 years ago

    I found the reason so many people are coming in here writing short "blogs"- hubs!
    Found in google search for "Free blogs".

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    paradigmsearchposted 4 years ago


  3. peachpurple profile image75
    peachpurpleposted 4 years ago

    i had already started 3 years ago!

  4. ThompsonPen profile image83
    ThompsonPenposted 4 years ago

    i find sometimes it can be an easy way to get the creative juices going. Every writing teacher will tell you that you should write to get the writing juices going, even if you're just going to write over and over "I don't know what to write, I don't know what to write, I don't know what to write..." Perhaps some people don't feel it's worth to write just for themselves and want to post it. For some, like myself, writing is a journey, and Hubpages so far has been the record book of the evolution of my writing, that is, the one that every one gets to see. Perhaps blogging is part of sharing the journey for some as well.
    There is also that blogging can add a personal touch to an informational article. For example, I had a series on the go which technically could have counted as a blog, but was about the journey I was preparing for. In the blog I wrote informational things about the place I was going to, what we could expect, and documented uncalculated obstacles. Sort of like writing traveling literature - it's entertaining because there is a person living it and behind it, but the reader learns tips and facts along the way.
    I have never been able to write a continuous blog. The closest I've come was when I was 12-15, way back in the day before blogs, I wrote on OpenDiary.com. I had over 1,000 entries. Most of it was middle school dribble, but it was still an ongoing what-would-now-be-classified-blog.
    It's not my thing, but I can understand it.

  5. psycheskinner profile image80
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    The point is that Hubs are not meant to be personal blogs.