Matt Cutts - Link Building not bad .

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    ateinposted 4 years ago

    In an Interview to Matt Cutts has said that link building is not bad . He also seems to support HQ guest posts and interviews . Read . … al-or-bad/

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    Lisa HWposted 4 years ago

    That article is, to me, one of the best ones I've seen - not only regarding linking, but generally related to so many other things that apparently matter.   Thanks for posting it.  There are so many little remarks made that aren't directly related to linking, I think a lot of people who only have the matter of linking on their mind may overlook those remarks that are - at least to me - some of the more important points for anyone who treats his writing as his own product and business, rather than for people who treat each actual article as an isolated little product that is completely unrelated to the person behind the writing.  I particularly noted the advice to writers to stay away from "crappy sites". That may be a particularly noteworthy remark in this time when so many people keep thinking that the best way to make their money is to keep looking for "the best site" to put their writing. 

    Something that, to me, a whole lot of people keep overlooking when it comes to hoping to be found in search engines is kind of indirectly referred to here with this remark from the article:

    ".....getting traction, reputation as a person, as an individual, as an author, as an expert, as someone on the web and potentially someone in search engines as well."

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      ateinposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Reason I posted link to the article was , on HP and at some other places I have seen people commenting how "building" links is a bad practice . I find it amusing .Google still feeds on links, the quality check for links might have become stricter but Google still counts on links to be the major signal to assess the quality of a website/page . People may link or may not link to your content. So you need to promote your content, build your links .How you promote your content is your choice(Spammy links or GQ links. Spammy links are dead I think) . Heck, I read on some forums that even blog commenting was a no no . That is a bit extreme . Why shouldn't you make relevant,contributing comment on a blogpost with a link back to you blog ?

      I never understood Article marketing . Article directories are basically for web syndication . Why would you write content for them and promote that content . If you want to give out your content for web syndication it should be on web syndicate sites that do not push and promote their website via your content .

      And guest posting might go the same way as article marketing. Already guest posting websites are popping all around us .