Google Adsense Denying Me an Account - May Not Continue My Hubs

  1. ThyroidJames profile image59
    ThyroidJamesposted 4 years ago

    I honestly, sincerely believe that I was in a sense "black listed" by Google AdSense because of my pulling huge numbers of articles offline in the past (from a number of different sites). Maybe this does place me at fault and they may be thinking "why grant the guy AdSense again, if he's just going to do the same thing again?". Well, I will actually be doing the same thing again, if a new AdSense account continues to be denied.

    I'm very savvy about AdSense and I know that getting those 100.00 revenues, doesn't come easy and sometimes takes a great amount of content, that's online for a very long time. I did at times see revenue accrue faster at some times than others and with also having Amazon ads available, it was worth the writing effort.

    I am very serious about the writing of Hubs and I plan to keep them online for a very long time -- years if the site is still going. I can't however, (if you'll please excuse the expression) "prostitute" my written works. I work extremely hard authoring them and accolades are great but they are just some of the frosting on the cake. I believe that "the workman is worthy of his/her hire" and if Google is going to profit and HubPages is going to profit, then I should profit as well -- being one of many members who makes up the lifeblood of the whole operation. BTW: HubPages has continued to improve since I last wrote for them and they are without doubt, the best content website in existence. 

    I've got 27 Hubs online. I remember receiving a notice that I have had 25 featured and maybe all of them have been featured since then. As of the time of this post, I've had 1,038 views and the word count of my Hubs probably totals close to 25,000 words.

    Google AdSense's reason for not granting me a new AdSense ID -- I don't have enough content posted to receive AdSense access. Now I'm in a position to either try a 5th time to be approved or to remove my content and move on with my other types of publishing. If they actually stated to me that they want 50,000 words between all Hubs I've posted, and they will then grant me a new AdSense ID, I would meet that goal. As it is, I might write a quarter of a million words on HubPages and still be told that I have insufficient content (or some other reason). This is why I stopped writing a few weeks ago.

    There is yet one other Google program I aim to join very soon but I may be blocked from it as well. I will go through the motions and see what happens regarding that one as well.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  2. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 4 years ago

    If you had an AdSense account in the past and lost it for some reason, unless you can prove to them that it was not through your own actions, you will not get a new one by applying for it.  You can only hope to file an appeal and win the right to have the old one reinstated.

    That's always been AdSense's policy.

  3. ThyroidJames profile image59
    ThyroidJamesposted 4 years ago

    Thanks relache,

    I used their form for that purpose and they stated that they could not determine if my last AdSense account was closed by them or me. It was closed by me.

    I then attempted several times to apply for AdSense through my wife because one account is allowed per each person but this too was unsuccessful, after repeated attempts.

    This info helps me to make a final decision regarding writing content articles online.

    Best Wishes to everyone!