The Great River Road Clean UP!!!!

  1. TaraT profile image66
    TaraTposted 9 years ago

    I was Driving from my house today and I seen a group of 5 older
    people walking down the road in 27 degree weather and picking up
    trash. I thought to myself" If they can do that in this weather I
    wonder how many people would do it in warm weather?" Also I live down
    here so when me and my kids go for a walk they always want to know
    how come people throw trash on the ground instead of a trash can?

       We pick up what we can. But it never gets better.. My boys are
    very concerned with this. As should everyone of you that drive down
    this road should be to. you love to see the colors, animals,and so
    on right. These 5 people pick up a lot of trash From Cliff ton
    Terrance to my road. When I came home this is what I saw at the
    beginning of my road A huge pile of trash.  I don't know how long it
    will be there but this is my kids bus stop.So now when you drive down
    the River Road you will run into a pile of Trash.   

      I figure if there is that much trash along such a short path. what
    the rest of the road must look like..I want to get this together 
    April 11th at 9am, when it's warmer,it's on a saturday. If i get
    enough people together I will contact the news. To see if they will
    help spread the news about this clean up.. The river road is one of
    the top 10 Sites to see in the US. But it will not stay there if we
    don't help clean it up.. Also since the flood we have everyone else
    trash too.. PLEASE come help.. I'm just thought of this  so if
    you have any ideas that would help please jump right in a say
    something...I have the basic plan all ready. Need help with details.
    Also need donation of trash bags and gloves.Wear bright colors so
    that the cars can see you, ORANGE if you have it.. What ever you like
    just bright colors.