eBay Revenue and Sales Question

  1. KenDeanAgudo profile image78
    KenDeanAgudoposted 3 years ago

    Tonight I have just viewed my hubpages earnings and it is going well and when I've clicked the eBay sales report I have  saw that I have 12 sales last Dec. 31, 2013 from one of my hubs and it says that I have revenue of $7.36.

    I was confused because why is that whenever I clicked the ebay earnings on the earning>setting>ebay report it shows $0 and i haven't earn any cents from them. How long does ebay credits our hubs sales? And what does it means? i will take a screen shot of it for you to explain it clearly to me.

    Here: http://prntscr.com/2pqb2b

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image75
      Matthew Meyerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I think it may be related to the information message presented here.
      Here is the explanation from that page.
      Please note that the eBay revenue is NOT your earnings for a transaction. Advertisers can post corrections to previously credited winning bids up to 8 days after the transaction. Examples of corrections include the buyer returning the item to a seller, unpaid items, and seller credits. Corrections to the eBay revenue numbers are shown in green or red, according to whether the correction is positive or negative, respectively.

      Please also note that the data below are on all impressions on this Hub, including both your share (60%), and ours and anyone else sharing that remaining 40% (including referrers).