Google Nectar

  1. ptosis profile image70
    ptosisposted 4 years ago

    FYI only: I found this while doing AMT (Amazon Mechanical Turk) regarding Hummingbird SEO and thought to share with you this info.  I cut and pasted  from a job by the requester Martin Horton not to advertise the job but this seems like a good example of making 'google nectar'!

    "Your task is to create a 250 word original article based on the points/facts contained within the article below (see link) BUT instead of just creating a text summary – you must create and insert at least 3 questions inspired by the article, and then use your text to  “answer” each of the questions you generate - all within the body of what you create. The content you create will have a headline, 2-3 intro sentences, then the three questions (each with 2-3 sentences answering each question), then 2-3 closing sentences.

    How to Build Candidate Engagement ( … nt-5-tips/ )

    The output text will be posted onto a global Social Media and Recruitment website, with a Factual tone/style.
    Guidelines: -

    * This is a brand new type of article – designed for the latest ‘Hummingbird’ updates i.e. Question and Answer style
    * You will be seeing lots more of these types of HITs in the coming weeks, so its good to start getting used to this style

        Read the original article through to understand the key points first.
        Generate three key questions as a result of reading the article.
        Answer each question in turn by placing your own summary text underneath each question.
        The three questions should logically make sense – so when you read the final article, it looks like a mini FAQ style article.

    Required Text Sequence for this 250 Word HIT
    1st:     Insert a Unique headline, inspired by the original headline (it can be a question too)
    2nd:    Insert 2-3 introduction sentences, as appropriate
    3rd:     Question One (separate line)
    4th:     Question One answer/summary text – that answers Question One
    5th:     Question Two (separate line)
    6th:     Question Two answer/summary text – that answers Question Two
    7th:     Question Three (separate line)
    8th:     Question Three answer/summary text – that answers Question Three
    9th:     2-3 close-out or call to action/summary sentences (note: we will insert the original source article URL at the end)

    * Depending on the source article above, sometimes 3 questions might not be possible, so go with 2 questions instead and make the answer/summary text longer.
    * Create questions that your summary text will answer e.g. “What is the benefit of XXXXXX” – XXXXXX has three key benefits....
    * Vary the types of questions you use – for example only - What are, How Can, What is, When should, Who is, Why are...

    Important:- Do NOT copy from other sites. The content should be fresh, original and inspired by the source article. Although you may use relevant facts and a little text where necessary, the final article should be unique. We use CopyScape and other tools to verify all hits, also before submitting your work please check your spelling.  Any that fail will not be accepted. We have lots more of these types of hits coming soon.

    Please enter a new title below (Please be creative with the new title):

    Enter the minimum 200 word article below:

    Thanks for your help. If we can make this HIT better, please let us know how."

    1. Suzanne Day profile image95
      Suzanne Dayposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting. And let me guess, it pays 5c per article written?


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