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Hubpages help needed for newbie

  1. Bharath Sunny profile image67
    Bharath Sunnyposted 3 years ago

    I've been facing lot of problems with Hubpages. I've posted 4 hubs today but none of them were published.Below i've given the data of one of the hub written by me today.Even it was not published. I can't find any reason for this . Any help is appreciated..!

    "Ever since laptops came into existence,they became a part of our life.During the initial stages of it's invention,they were very Ugly,Big and very expensive. But,today in this competitive world,since there are many companies to manufacture the Laptops,they became less expensive and more versatile.In olden days,there are no wide range of options to choose alappy,but today we're having a Huge range of choices to get a Worth Buying Laptop.

    So,if you're planning to buy a brand new Laptop,here is an awesome laptop buying guide for 2014.If you're on a limited budget,you have to take a wise decision after having a look at this post.

    Make sure about your usage scenario

    Before buying a laptop,you have to make sure that you'll be using it for Personal purposes or professional uses. For example,if you want to buy a laptop for playing games,you have to look after a laptop with High performance processor, RAM and mainly graphic card. But, for buying a laptop like it, you need to put a large budget. If you're on a limited budget,make sure you make a right judgement.

    If you're interested in buying a laptop for simple operations like, word presentation, you can buy a low end Laptop which will not cost more.

    Select a High Performance Processor

    Processor, is the main index for the efficiency and Ability of your Laptop. It is considered to be the king of All the hardware Equipment used in your PC . There are many companies like Intel,AMD,Motorola etc manufacturing Processors ever since 1990's .But, Intel and AMD have the best selling Processors .Each of the processors have their pros and cons. So,it is not so easy to recommend a High quality Processor But,an ideal processor is the one which has , High Speed,core capacity and heat sink.

    If you are using your lappy for using mutli-tasks , playing high quality games etc , it is Ideal to buy Multi core processor. Any processor speed above 3.4 Ghz is recommended to buy .

    Hard Disk Drive & RAM

    SATA HDD. This is also an important thing to look at before buying a laptop. SATA stands for serial advanced technology Attachment & HDD refers to Hard Disk Drive. In olden days, these hark disks have used about 40% of the entire volume of the Laptop. But now, they have become very Portable. Infact,we have external hard disks also available in the Market.

    If you have no concern about Hard Disk memory,and you think that you can store your music,Video files in Cloud,you can buy a small HDD . But,if you want to play games, Use Softwares and store Movies, it is ideal to buy a HDD with around 250 GB capacity.

    RAM stands for Random access memory . All the apps(including games) will store the data & information in RAM. It can be upgraded easily. Anything over 4gb is ideal to buy a RAM.

    Graphic Card.

    Graphic card or graphic processor or GPU will come into play when you watch HD Videos,play High-graphic games etc . Previously, i use to have no Graphic card for my PC. I have faced a lot of problems since i was not even able to use Bluestacks on my PC . Moreover,yo can't even play High-definiton videos on your Laptop,if there is a Low end graphic card . So,you have to give some place in your budget for a graphic card.

    If you don't play games and don't watch videos, you can run your Laptop withot Graphic card too. But,if you do like that, the entire stress falls on your processor and will get heated up . So,it is ideal to have a Graphic card inserted in your Lappy.

    Well,if you're a gamer and love to play High end PC games like Assassin's creed,sleeping dogs etc, it is better to buy a Graphic card that's costs Over $200.


    This play's a crucial role in buying a Laptop.Don't fall into the ditch made by the Manufacturing companies. They will show you laptops of Awesome features for very less price, but they don't give any warranty.This is just a trap. They will insert all outdated hardware in the laptop,with which your laptop will work only for a small period of time.

    Later,you will have no right to ask the merchant,since there is no Warranty offered.So make sure that there is a warranty atleast upto 3 years for your laptop before buying.Also,you have to buy a latest model laptop,since they use latest updated processors in them."

    1. relache profile image90
      relacheposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      How to write a quality Hub, and how to understand what Hubpages is looking for content-wise, can be learned here, along with just about anything you'd want to know about making good Hubs.


  2. Helena Ricketts profile image98
    Helena Rickettsposted 3 years ago

    Hello Bharath Sunny,

    The text has quite a few errors in it and is probably the reason why the hub was not published.  There are capitalization errors,  grammar errors and spacing errors.

  3. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 3 years ago

    You need your hubs to pass quality assessment. Start by using fully correct technical English.  For example:

    Ever since laptops came into existence,[space after every comma_]they [have been--tense agreement] [an important] part of our [lives--plural/singular agreement].[_]During the initial stages of it[remove apostrophe]s invention,the [laptop--plural/singular agreement] w[as] very [u]gly, [b]ig and very expensive. But,[_]today in this competitive world,[_]since there are many companies to manufacture the [l]aptops,[_]they became less expensive and more versatile.[_]In [the] olden days [preferably 'in former times'--the olden days is pre-industrialization],[-]there [was not a] wide range of options to choose [from],[_]but [now] [we] [have] a [h]uge range of choices to [select from when seeking a reasonably priced] [l]aptop.