How To Get On Google + At What The Hub?

  1. Suzanne Day profile image98
    Suzanne Dayposted 3 years ago

    Want a higher ranking? Some people will disagree, but my opinion is that you get better ranking by using Google + (and hence more traffic) if you have your hub +1'd multiple times. Google pluses are shown by many people to be more effective than Facebook likes, as Google places top emphasis on its own social network. There are less people on Google + than Facebook, but engagement on it carries more weight in helping hubs. The more +1s, the merrier!

    How to get your hub featured on What The Hub's Google + page:

    1. Only funny, interesting, weird or unusual hubs, of interest to the general public should be posted, otherwise they will be deleted. No informational hubs or sales hubs unless they fit this criteria please!

    2. Join Google +. Fill out your profile.

    3. When you are logged in to Google +, look on the left side and hover over the "Profile" button. Click on "Communities". On the right side, type in "What the hub?" where it says "search communities". Or you can just click on this link when logged in: … 5838626909

    4. Join the community. It might take a little while with this, as I have to "allow" you. But I will as soon as I am on there next, which is usually daily!

    5. After you've been accepted to the community, post your hub url where it says "share what's new". A photo/link should pop up automatically. Then delete the URL in the top text box and write a comment or leave it blank. If no photo/link pops up, just leave the URL there. Choose the "hubs" section to post it, then click "share". Congratulations, your hub is on Google +!

    6. Click the +1 button on some other people's hubs and keep the page rolling. If everyone who posts +1's a few hubs they like, we'll all be swimming in better ranked hubs!

    Note - the moderation on this page involves deleting hubs that are not suitable. When you post your hub here, it will be visible immediately. Thank you to everyone who has already joined this page wink

    1. Arthur Keyword profile image60
      Arthur Keywordposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      i have always wanted to get that plus one click on my hubs. Thanks so much for informing me about this community.