Woohoo!!! Stolen hubs has been removed from the thieves' sites.

  1. ComfortB profile image85
    ComfortBposted 3 years ago

    Four hubs were flagged on my Account Page as stole/copied. A DCLM filed on the plagiary was successful in getting the page removed (it was a Blogger site). An email sent to the host of the other blog was also successful. I have received two emails notifying me of the removal of that blog, somewhere in France. I followed the links provided and found that the entire blogs has been deleted.

    Now I just need to have Hubpages remove those "© = Possibly Copied by Someone Else" icon from the hubs.

    Two other hubs, however, are still not accounted for as the link provided by Hubpages take me to some Japanese site that doesn't seem to have anything of mine in it. Still working on that.

    1. janshares profile image89
      jansharesposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      Good for you, ComfortB. Glad to hear it.

    2. twoseven profile image83
      twosevenposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      I'm very happy for you!  I just had my first copyright issue with one of my hubs.  It shows up verbatim on a Turkish website.  It's so weird to see my writing on another website!  I couldn't see anyone to contact to just ask them to take it down, so it's good to know that the DCLM process works.