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This place is pretty great

  1. saxsha000 profile image75
    saxsha000posted 3 years ago

    Hello all!
    I joined hubpages about seven months ago at the urging of my mother, simply to appease her and thought it was just another silly scam or game she was trying to get me into. I signed up and didn't think twice about it until just a couple days ago. I love it here now! I think it's just fantastic and I really hope to at least kind of go somewhere with it.
    Any who, so far I've only written two hubs, but definitely planning on writing more and quite frequently.
    Please give some of my stuff a read and give me some great feedback! Feel free to follow me or ask me anything.(:

    1. LauraVerderber profile image92
      LauraVerderberposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Howdy and welcome to Hubpages! As someone who has just hit the two year mark, I just wanted to let you know that the effort is worth it! Yes, I have reached payout and every month I have earned just a little bit more than the previous month, every single time. I certainly don't make a living doing this but I earn enough to pay a small monthly bill... or treat myself and buy a book. smile Anyways, I'm telling you all this because I wish a more experienced Hubber had told me when I was starting out. I might have taken this more seriously and written more than 12 articles in 2 years. Imagine what I would have been making if I had been more productive! Good luck saxsha000!

    2. Matthew Meyer profile image75
      Matthew Meyerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to HubPages!

  2. paradigmsearch profile image92
    paradigmsearchposted 3 years ago

    HubPages is indeed the best game in town for what we do here.

  3. The Examiner-1 profile image74
    The Examiner-1posted 3 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages saxsha000. You will find many friends and much help and assistance here. We are always willing to answer your questions. If you can not find it here: http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/contents, then your fellow Hubbers will try their best and you can also ask the staff sometimes.

  4. kellysmith0501 profile image61
    kellysmith0501posted 3 years ago

    That is the reason why I am here now. I welcome you as I welcome myself.

  5. robhampton profile image97
    robhamptonposted 3 years ago

    I love the HP community.  If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be getting my $400/month. Seriously,  I have learned a ton about making your articles "shine",  search engine optimization,  etc..  lots of amazing people on here!

  6. saxsha000 profile image75
    saxsha000posted 3 years ago

    Thank you all very much! I have noticed that everyone is so kind, helpful and welcoming here. It's very refreshing!(: Welcome to you as well, kellysmith0501. I look forward to reading all your articles and to a great time writing with HP. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything that would help me?