type App to Speed up Pages

  1. melbel profile image98
    melbelposted 3 years ago

    On my blog I use to keep images a nice size (among other tools) so my site loads faster.

    I was wondering if HubPages would implement an automatic tool to automatically and losslessly decrease image file size so that pages would load faster.

    A few weeks ago I uploaded several hub images to my blog for auto-smushing and then added them to my hubs and I've noticed page speeds have improved (Google Analytics: Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings.)

    Just a thought is all. I just noticed that sometimes hubs load slowly and maybe images aren't really the culprit, but yeah.

    1. relache profile image90
      relacheposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Since HubPages has that feature where they show a Hub image, and then you can click a link to see the image at full resolution, doesn't that seem to indicate that what you are requesting already exists here?

      1. melbel profile image98
        melbelposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Yeah, but when I run either HP image through, it seems that it reduces file size by quite a bit. It could be that HP adds metadata to images or their algorithm could be improved.